Art and creativity

Book Cover - Memory Superpowers

Memory Superpowers!

Mnemonics, or memory tricks, are strategies designed to help improve our memory using primarily visual or listening cues and rhymes. They emphasise the use of key words, acronyms, visuals and expressions to equip us to learn by association, taking what is unfamiliar and linking it to a familiar picture in our own world. Readers can use this fabulous book to create a personal Memory Palace to store information in their brains.

Book Cover - Biographic Leonardo

Biographic Leonardo

It’s difficult to think of a historical figure better suited to an infographic biography than Leonardo da Vinci, whose very name brings to mind one iconic image after another. Instead of using text to recount a linear story, this book uses maps, timelines, pictures and charts to illuminate key moments in his career, as well as placing his lifestyle and achievements firmly within the context of Renaissance Italy.

Book Cover - Lucky Lazlo

Lucky Lazlo

Steve Light has illustrated this book beautifully. The cover draws you in with its intimate detail and sharp contrast of colours. The first page introduces us to Lazlo who is on a quest to give a rose to his love. However, a mischievous cat intervenes and so the story begins to unfold. We are taken on an adventure as we weave through a theatre and its actors, set makers, musicians, props and the audience. It’s a fast chase through the whole building and the backstage world of Alice in Wonderland.

Book Cover - Doodle Town

Doodle Town

When I was a kid I did not doodle just to doodle. I always needed a project. I later tried to study fine art but my lecturers politely suggested I might be more suited for illustration. Art as a project. Art with a purpose. Which probably explains my later career as a graphic designer. Give me a blank page to doodle and I will just freeze. But give me a problem to solve, a project, and I will dive right in.

Book Cover - Meet the Artist: David Hockney, An Art Activity Book

Meet the Artist: David Hockney, An Art Activity Book

Published to coincide with Tate Gallery’s phenomenally successful Hockney retrospective, this rich and expansive workbook is far more than supplementary material. Theory is explored but, after initially positioning us as art critics, Blake draws us in skilfully; in no time at all we are learning by doing. We move from pencils, to paint, to smartphones; from landscapes to portraits to set design. Inspiration is drawn from our reactions to Hockney’s finished work as well as his processes.

Book Cover - Also An Octopus

Also An Octopus

Also An Octopus is also, just so you know, the story of a little bit of nothing – because that’s how every story starts, when you think about it. Featuring a ukulele-playing octopus who wants to fly in a spaceship, a team of rocket scientists, a little girl and a cute bunny, this odyssey into the inner workings of a story is much more than the sum of its extraordinary parts.

Book Cover - Where's the Ballerina

Where's the Ballerina?

Abigail Goh’s delicate and vibrant illustrations combine with Anna Claybourne’s clear and concise text to produce a visually stunning, absorbing and informative look at the world’s favourite ballet stories.

Book Cover - All Through the Night: Night Poems and Lullabies

All Through the Night: Night Poems and Lullabies

This beautifully produced book feels much more substantial than its 130 pages would suggest, thanks to good quality paper and a solid, silk-touch cover. It is visually enticing, with turquoise endpapers, pink headband and an engaging cover image of a spotlight revealing a streetscape complete with urban fox. Four double-page spreads of coloured illustrations provide a satisfying bridge between cover and content.

Book Cover - My Beautiful Voice

My Beautiful Voice

Like a poem, this book almost sings. The pink, sparkling thread that weaves its way enchantingly throughout the book draws us into a child’s world of creativity and imagination. The illustrations fully capture the magic that is at work here.

Book Cover - All The Colours I See

All The Colours I See

The quickest of flicks through Allegra Agliardi’s journey through the rainbow and you know you’re in for a treat. From the simple, bold cover illustration, the technicolour endpapers and the intricate die-cut peepholes, All the Colours I See is a visual feast for children.