Issue 70 of Inis Magazine, cover by Mary Murphy

Inis magazine: issue 70, January 2024

Inis is the magazine of Children's Books Ireland. Within these pages you will find features and articles on Irish and international children's books as well as in-depth reviews of new titles for children and teenagers. With its range of expert contributors, this is a key resource for teachers, writers, illustrators, librarians, parents/guardians and everyone interested in children's books.

Cover - Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

In the small hours of the first morning in their new homes, a boy and his mother are tucked in bed and take turn sharing memories of the past: the smell of grandad’s oil lamp, a bicycle received as a birthday gift, or a picnic in the field with dad. Now that it’s just the two of them, maybe this first morning in the new flat can become one of these memories that they will look back fondly upon.

Cover - Home for Grace

Home for Grace

Jess and her mother meet Grace, who is a refugee experiencing homelessness and sheltering in a doorway with very few possessions. As Grace shares her story of loss with them, Jess’s empathy for Grace grows and a friendship between them develops. This is a beautifully illustrated and gently told tale that enables young children to learn about the sadness and hardship facing refugees, both in the country they are fleeing from and the country in which they arrive.

Book Cover - Sally in the City of Dreams

Sally in the City of Dreams

Judi Curtin’s latest historical novel tells the story of two sisters emigrating from Ireland to America; it also reads as an introduction to the Irish Immigrant experience at the turn of the century. The novel indicates the year is ‘early 1900s’ rather than a specific year so the reader is immediately open to the generality of the story. What Curtin does so well is write about the living history of the moment, balancing historical detail with stories so the reader isn’t tied to dates and historical events, but open to a time period and cultural experience.

Book Cover - Say My Name

Say My Name

This is a poetically written book on the importance of making the effort to learn to pronounce each other's names correctly. Ho’s prose introduces us to six children and their names. They are from China, Tonga, Persia, the Diné people, the Nahua people of Mexico, and the Akan people of Ghana. Through the text we gain small insights into the cultures of the children such as the Tongan connection to the ocean, and Akan dancing and drumming.

Book Cover - What You Need to be Warm

What You Need to be Warm

This book communicates an important message ‘you have a right to be here’ and reminds those of us with the ability to get warm that we can create warmth for those who are lacking it through support and kindness. Gaiman drew inspiration for this poem from memories of being warm submitted to him from followers on social media. The poem combines those memories with echoes of the journeys of people who have been forcibly displaced and is accompanied by stunning works of art from thirteen accomplished illustrators which include Oliver Jeffers and Chris Riddell.

Cover Reading Matters Reading Guide

Reading Matters reading guide

Published in September 2023, 'Reading Matters' sees the return of the 'best of the year' format to our annual reading guide. 

Book Cover - In Between Worlds

In Between Worlds: Journey of the Famine Girls

‘When there is nothing to eat, it affects everything; that is how important food is’, reflects Maggie who, as a child of a Skibbereen farming family, witnesses first-hand the devastating consequences of the Irish famine in the 1840s.

Book Cover - April's Garden

April's Garden

April and her mamma have found themselves living in a new very big house. Although it’s filled with doors, there’s no company and April is the only child around, a haven but not a home.

Cover - Sunny and the Birds

Sunny and the Birds

Dealing with themes of migration, displacement and trauma author Wendy Meddour manages to combine the harsh realities of starting a new life in a foreign country, with a lovely gentle story about a bond between a father and son.