The Upside Down River Cover Image

The Upside Down River: Tomek's Journey

Thirteen-year-old orphan Tomek runs a grocery store where, one day, a stranger girl comes into his shop asking for various items. She tells him she is looking for a magic river whose waters are eternal. Tomek develops a yearning to travel, and to bring some of the eternal water back for a beloved elderly man in his village.

The Sky Over Rebecca Cover Image

The Sky Over Rebecca

Kara Lukas is lonely. In the atmospheric Swedish winter, she watches the frozen lake, watches the stars, and tries to uncover the mystery of a snow angel. Strange noises in the woods and inexplicable footprints lead her to Rebecca and her brother Samuel in their small isle hideout. The Jewish siblings are not only from another place, but another time. A bond of friendship forms across space and time as two lonely girls find each other.

The Wind Child Cover Image

The Wind Child

The Wind Child is a richly textured story of loss and grief set against a tapestry of Slavic folklore interwoven throughout both the text and its gorgeous decorative illustrations.

Uki and the Ghostburrow Cover Image

Uki and the Ghostburrow

Uki and the Ghostburrow is the sixth installment in the Five Realm Series which continues the adventures of Uki, the double-souled and double-marked orphaned rabbit who becomes a fierce warrior and bard.

Run for Your Life Cover Image

Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life begins with a dedication to young people living in Direct Provision in Ireland. The story is narrated by central protagonist Azari, and is split between her past life, before she became a refugee, and her present life in Ireland. The transitions between the two are seamless, leaving the reader constantly wanting to know what will happen next.

Nisha's War Cover Image

Nisha's War

It’s 1942 and Nisha has travelled a long way. Her first journey takes her from a privileged and happy childhood in Malaya to the stark, grey, frightening home of her grandmother on England’s Barrow Island. Her other journey is from a child refugee suffering from PTSD, barely able to speak, to a blossoming young girl who has found courage, hope, and honesty. Both journeys are cleverly and intricately woven together.

Together with Refugees reading guide cover

Together With Refugees

Are you a parent or guardian looking for books related to your child's interests, or recommendations to help them branch out into new genres? Are you a teacher looking for books on a particular theme or topic? Look no further than our themed reading lists for a huge variety of brilliant book recommendations for children of all ages!

Book Cover - We Come Apart

We Come Apart

We Come Apart, a collaborative project between Crossan and Conaghan, is a three-part novel written in alternating voices. The text is in a fractured format, which will be familiar to Crossan’s fans. As you would expect from writers at the top of their game, it seizes the reader’s attention from the first page.

Book Cover - The Lines We Cross

The Lines We Cross

Michael and Mina come from two very different backgrounds and belief systems, but when Mina wins a scholarship to Michael’s school, they slowly start to become friends, until Mina finds out that his parents are founding members of an anti-immigration group. This is especially difficult for Mina to deal with, seeing as her family had to flee from their home in war-torn Afghanistan. Michael has never really thought deeply about how his parents’ beliefs affect actual people, but seeing how Mina reacts, he starts to question them, and tries to see things differently.

Book Cover - Everybody’s Welcome

Everybody’s Welcome

Written in rhythmic rhyme, this warm tale is being marketed unnecessarily at the politically aware parent. The links to a political unease or a refugee crisis are not going to appeal to children, but this lovely book, with its sense of community and busy, productive animals, will.