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Pride reading guide cover

Pride Reading Guide 2022

Building on the Rainbow Reads reading list produced with An Post, our Pride Reading Guide contains 100 LGBTQIA+ inclusive stories for young readers aged 0–18.

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain - book cover

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain

Frankie Finkleton’s world is a very busy one. She’s a typical eleven-year-old with a loving family and lots going on at school. Frankie also has a sideline as a very secret investigator and from time to time goes on adventures to an imaginary world called Thoughtopolis with her younger brother Fred and her dog Blue.

Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals Cover Image

Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals

The second book in Biddulph's clever, creative and delightfully funny Peanut Jones series, The Twelve Portals continues Peanut's adventures in the magical world of Chroma alongside her genius little sister and science-minded best friend Rockwell. When colour begins vanishing from the city that inspires all the world's creativity, Peanut and her pals are determined to find out why ¬¬- and to ensure Chroma's increasing monochromaticity doesn't cross over into their world.

Beyond the Frozen Horizon Cover Image

Beyond the Frozen Horizon

In the not-so-distant future, the world has finally recognised the threat posed by climate change. When Rory, an adventurous and nature-loving, girl isolated from her schoolmates by family circumstance is granted the opportunity to explore a re-wilded far north, she's thrilled.

Mia and the Lightcasters Cover Image

Mia and the Lightcasters

Mia lives in Nubis, a city plunged into a forever night by the menacing Reaper King. After a scary encounter with a wild umbra, a shadow creature, in the Nightmare Plains, Mia decides she no longer wants to follow her dream of being an umbra tamer.

Mouse Heart Cover Image

Mouse Heart

Set on a ship-theatre, docked in a gloriously stinking, tatterdemalion alt-Bristol, Mouse Heart is the tale of a theatre-orphan turning detective to save her friend from the gallows and the fictional Queen Anne II from assassination.


Eachtra Dlúthchara

Sa chúigiú leabhar sa tsraith Dialann Dúradáin, leanaimid Greg Heffley arís. Ach an uair seo, scéal taobh istigh de scéal atá ann, agus tá an scéal seo scríofa ag Rowley Jefferson le moltaí cabhracha (agus moltaí nach bhfuil cabhrach ar chor ar bith) ó Greg Heffley. Buaileann muid le Rowland agus a dhlúthchara Garg. Téann said ó áit go háit i mbun eachtraíochta fíorghreannmhara chun mátháir Rowland a shábháil ón nGruagach Geal. Tá an leabhar chomh barrúil agus spraíúil sin go mbeifeá ag rachtaíl gáire!


Eachtra ar Oileán na Rún

Is úrscéal eachtraíochta do dhaoine óga é seo a thaitneoidh le léitheoirí óga atá ag lorg scéal lán de mhistéir, de bhleachtaireacht agus d’aicsean.

The Spectaculars Cover Image

The Spectaculars

Described as The Greatest Showman meets The Night Circus for children and young readers, this original and thrilling fantasy novel focuses on young Harper, following the revelation that she has been gifted special powers from the stars, and has been accepted into a travelling theatre and boarding school.

Witchstorm Cover Image


Inspired by author and illustrator Tim Tilly’s childhood, spent roaming in what he refers to as a “ghost forest” in Braunstone, Witchstorm follows Will, a Fenland boy. After his mother disappears while on the hunt for a lost witch treasure, the appearance of another witch who arrives in the eye of a storm turns Will’s world upside down.