2024 Pride Guide cover

Pride Reading Guide 2024

At Children’s Books Ireland we champion diverse and inclusive books that best reflect the world, with characters of all genders and sexualities and families of all kinds. We believe that everyone deserves to see their story within the pages of an excellent book.

The Pride Reading Guide 2024 contains 200 LGBTQ+ inclusive stories for young readers aged 0–18.

Book Cover - Four Eids and a Funeral

Four Eids and a Funeral

Said and Tiwa do not get along. But they used to be best friends, and there’s nothing like a funeral for bringing people together. Even if that didn’t quite work, there’s always Eid and a fire at a cherished local Islamic centre to really seal the deal. Hands forced by circumstance and equipped with a bitterness that only comes from having once been truly great friends, Said and Tiwa must negotiate being back in each other’s orbit in this dual-perspective novel, sharing an uneasy if common objective to save their community space.

Inis 72

Inis magazine: issue 72, July 2024

Inis is the magazine of Children's Books Ireland. Within these pages you will find features and articles on Irish and international children's books as well as in-depth reviews of new titles for children and teenagers. With its range of expert contributors, this is a key resource for teachers, writers, illustrators, librarians, parents/guardians and everyone interested in children's books.

Book Cover - Bird Boy

Bird Boy

Nature and its power to heal and connect are at the core of this sensitively told and hopeful story. Following his mother’s sudden death Will is brought from the city to the remote countryside to live with an uncle he has never met. His trauma and isolation are apparent from the outset – not knowing how to talk about his feelings Will counts in an effort to manage them. Will meets Omar, a young refugee, and we adventure with them as they discover an eyrie, rescue an osprey chick called Whitetip, and ultimately, rescue each other.

Book Cover - Glasgow Boys

Glasgow Boys

The début novel from Margaret McDonald follows Banjo and Finlay, two boys who met in a group care home and become unlikely, yet inseparable friends. When we are first introduced to our protagonists, three years have passed since an incident caused them to break off contact with one another and they are living separate lives.

Book Cover - Magicalia


Bitsy intends to be an investigative journalist like her late mother, but living in the middle of nowhere there is little to offer, that is until her astrophysicist father is kidnapped by an intruder with a purple Hamstoceros. In the wreckage of her home, Bitsy and her friend Kosh find a hidden room, mysterious objects, and a letter that lets Bitsy into a secret about herself that she should already have known …

Book Cover - The Weather Girls

The Weather Girls

Taking readers back to 1940s Mayo, this novel is inspired by true events, which make it an even more fascinating read. Grace Devine, lives in the Blacksod Lighthouse and weather station, but the Devine family’s peaceful life changes when they are tasked with sending hourly weather updates to the Met Office in England. Whilst trying to juggle this newfound responsibility the pressure mounts as the war continues. As the stakes get higher each chapter, Grace must face the everyday normal drama that comes with being a twelve-year-old girl in Ireland during the Emergency.

Book Cover – The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

The Girl Who Couldn't Lie

Priya is exhausted from trying to be perfect all the time. She’s perfect at home, perfect at school and perfect in her gymnastics training. In order to be that perfect, you need to tell a few lies. But one day, Priya puts a bangle on her wrist and suddenly finds that she has to tell the truth; the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The bangle isn’t coming off and Priya has a lot to learn if she wants to stay out of trouble …

Book Cover – Not Like Other Girls

Not Like Other Girls

After nude pictures of her were blasted across the internet, Jo-Lynn Kirby has become a social pariah. Dealing with the fallout of this, Jo’s troubles only double when her former best friend Maddie goes missing and is written off as a runaway. To get to the bottom of Maddie’s mystery disappearance, Jo must reinfiltrate the world that has cast her out. However, as she starts digging into the truth, she’s forced to recount the most vulnerable parts of her past that she has tried so hard to forget.

Book Cover – Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy loves her teacher, the always kind Múinteoir Emer, who shows endless patience with her unruly class. But when Milly’s class receives the terrible news that Múinteoir Emer must take some time off for a bunion removal, how will the class cope for five weeks with a substitute teacher? More importantly, how will the substitute teacher cope with Milly’s class?