All Bodies Are Wonderful: An Inclusive Guide for Talking About You

This isn’t your typical non-fiction body book that goes through all the body parts and what they do. This is a book that explains how we came to be, the amazing process that makes our bodies, and all the external factors that shape how we view ourselves and others. It’s the body book that answers some of the most difficult questions kids might ask about disability, how babies are made, and why some people are treated differently because of how they look.

Written by an inclusion and equality consultant, and with input from a professor of medical epigenetics, the pages are full of vibrant illustrations with welcoming characters and accessible text. The book’s inclusivity elements come not just from the different children shown throughout the illustrations, but in its focus on how our bodies are all made the same way. It’s only after we understand this process that it goes into the small variations in our development that create all the differences that make us unique.

The scientific portion of this book is fantastic on its own, but the fact that the text then goes into the ways society can affect how we view ourselves and how we view others, as well as how we can be more comfortable as ourselves, makes this book invaluable. This is a book that can support any child as they deal with insecurities or to help children to better understand the variety of people who make up our world. It’s the body book that, quite frankly, needs to be in every primary school and library.

Book Cover - All Bodies Are Wonderful - An Inclusive Guide for Talking About You
Publication Date
September 2023