Book Cover - Amazing Women of the Middle East

Amazing Women of the Middle East

From an Egyptian Pharaoh to a modern-day human rights lawyer, this book tells the lesser-known stories of twenty-five inspirational women from the Middle East. Detailing their lives and achievements through short yet informative biographies of each woman, Tarnowska shines a light on often forgotten or overlooked successes. While some may be recognisable, such as Nefertiti or Amal Clooney, others might be unfamiliar to a Western audience.

Book Cover - Memory Superpowers

Memory Superpowers!

Mnemonics, or memory tricks, are strategies designed to help improve our memory using primarily visual or listening cues and rhymes. They emphasise the use of key words, acronyms, visuals and expressions to equip us to learn by association, taking what is unfamiliar and linking it to a familiar picture in our own world. Readers can use this fabulous book to create a personal Memory Palace to store information in their brains.

Book Cover - How Long is a Whale?

How Long is a Whale?

How Long Is A Whale? is a unique counting book, which starts with the length of ten sea otters and uses them as a comparison for groups of other aquatic animals, counting down to one humpback whale. The author, Alison Limentani, then cleverly uses the humpback whale as a measure for other, larger sea animals.

Book Cover - Norton and Alpha

Norton and Alpha

Norton is a very lovable collector who spends his days gathering bits and pieces that he uses to create new and wonderful inventions. Early in the story he creates a companion, Alpha, who goes with him on his collecting trips. After many successful excursions, Norton and Alpha collect a thing they can find no use for. They try it out in many situations and put it through a number of tests; eventually, though, they give up on finding a purpose for the thing and discard it. But is it useless? Time will show that what is untestable is not necessarily without value.

Book Cover - Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawkins

Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawkins

This book, from the popular Little People, BIG DREAMS series, invites young readers to explore the life of British physicist and allround genius Stephen Hawking. The story opens when he is a little boy, looking up at the stars in Oxford. It takes readers through his unspectacular school years and on to university where he shines.

Book Cover - Happy to Be Me

Happy to Be Me

This delightful picturebook by author– illustrator Emma Dodd is a sweet and gentle celebration of the wonderful person that is, well … me! In rhyming verse, the reader thanks each part of their body: toes for wiggling, mouth for giggling and so on. The take-home message is: with all of these wonderful parts that my body has, I should be very happy to be me.

Book Cover - Ice Boy

Ice Boy

David Ezra Stein is the Brooklyn-born illustrator and author of many award-winning books including the delightful Interrupting Chicken, winner of a 2011 Caldecott Honor.

Book Cover - Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat is back for another exciting adventure. This time he is embarking on a tour of the solar system with his friends. The reader is invited too, and Professor Astro Cat speaks directly to the child in big speech bubbles. Through advice and encouragement offered along the way, the reader is easily engaged.

Book Cover - The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

When you lose someone you love it can feel like everything around you is being sucked into a black hole. But in Stella’s case, it actually is. Stella is crazy about space, and after a visit to NASA she is followed home by a black hole which seems to want her to adopt it as a pet. The trouble is, a black hole from outer space which swallows everything it touches is not exactly an ideal creature to share your home with.

Book Cover - We Travel So Far…

We Travel So Far…

We Travel So Far… is a collection of small stories about big journeys. Each story in this book is a true tale of migration across land, sea and air, and looks at the most astonishing journeys undertaken by animals all around the world. From the epic journey of the huge humpback whale to the gritty determination of the tiny hummingbird, each featured animal tells its own ‘micro story’ of its incredible journey across a variety of terrains at different times of the year.