Lenny in the Garden

Well that was a busy day in the garden! The latest title in the inclusive Lenny series sees Lenny, Mummy and their adorable doggy pal Wilbur all having a wonderful and busy time doing their own thing in their summer garden. While Mummy busies herself with more traditional gardening activities, Lenny and Wilbur enjoy a series of minibeast-themed adventures uncovering and interacting with a multitude of exciting insects.

The language of the book is perfect for sharing the sights, sounds and movement encountered on a garden visit. This book begs to be taken outside with a small child and used for a minibeast hunt across a range of settings – no excuses, down to the park you go if you don’t have access to a garden of your own!  

Visually the book is bright and attractive, each spread containing lots to talk about in an uncluttered format. The colours and attention to detail bring the familiar scenes to life in an accessible and fun way. Wilson-Max depicts just how absorbed Lenny, Wilbur and Mummy are by their surroundings – all together, yet independent too.

I love that each Lenny book finishes with a song to sing together – although I felt like a minibeast themed one would have been more in keeping with the book’s focus. All in all, this is a perfect book to share as a preface to running out the door together or if the weather doesn’t oblige, then as a promise of good times ahead.

Book Cover - Lenny in the Garden
Publication Date
March 2024
Age range