Animals and nature

Book Cover - Finding Bear

Finding Bear

Finding Bear, sequel to The Last Bear, drives a powerful message to young readers as climate change takes hold in the Arctic. April Wood returns to help her friend, Bear the polar bear, who is struggling to navigate this changing world.

Cover Reading Matters Reading Guide

Reading Matters reading guide

Published in September 2023, 'Reading Matters' sees the return of the 'best of the year' format to our annual reading guide. 

Book Cover - Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo is an unusual bee; he has pink instead of yellow stripes. Baboo likes to dance and tries to make friends with some of the other bees in his hive but to no avail. After being cruelly rejected, Baboo goes off by himself where he finds another unusual insect and the two become friends and dance together. They’re having so much fun that the other insects gather around to watch, and they realise they’d like to be different too!

Book Cover - Nowhere Island

Nowhere Island

Gil bolts for freedom on his way to another foster-placement. When his backpack is stolen, with his treasured photograph and his hag-stone, his pursuit of the thief brings him to an island dividing the motorway, and to the ramshackle home of three other runaways. Riley and Grayson escaped an abusive parent, and with Junk, the dog, steal supplies. They tell Gil about another inhabitant, already established. Pez ran away from a cult, bringing with her stolen seeds, experience of self-sufficiency, and a conviction that isolation and silence are safer than human company.

Book Cover - Doggy Dance Off

Doggy Dance Off

Dog-lovers of all ages will be highly entertained by this colourful, upbeat tale, with a wide variety of tails in it! The annual Doggy Dance Off is the place to be for all the cool dogs in town.

Book Cover - The Boy Who Saved a Bear

The Boy Who Saved a Bear

In this charming adventure;, boy meets bear and, while It’s definitely not friendship at first sight, boy and bear form a bond of trust and respect, that takes them on the journey of their lives to return the legendary Key of Nissanka to their Queen.

Book Cover - The Slug and the Snail

The Slug and the Snail

A pair of slug brothers travel the roads until their peace is interrupted by a crow who asks where their home is. Embarrassed, the younger slug makes himself a home he can carry on his back and starts to call himself a snail. The brothers grow apart until they meet with the crow once more and begin to realise how alike they are after all.

Book Cover - What Can You See at the Zoo?

What Can You See at the Zoo?

Any child who has an interest in animals will enjoy this fun and interactive book discovering all sorts of animals, reptiles and insects on their way. Children can really get a great insight into animals in their various habitats, from rainforest to the Arctic.

Book Cover - My Self, Your Self

My Self, Your Self

In a woodland, a little troop of creatures play, bake and talk about what it means to be an individual. They ask big questions about what is inside of us, or outside of us, and what makes my ‘self’ different to your ‘self.’ Thus begins a little philosophical exploration of our understanding of our own identities.

Book Cover - The Horse Who Came Home

The Horse Who Came Home

Hannah battles with heartbreak, life shattering realisations and being torn between family obligation and doing what’s right in this stop and think kind of book. This compelling story of love and unwavering devotion between Hannah and her ‘heart horse’ is an inspiring read that speaks to how a girl, her pony and some amazing friends can change the world one pony at a time.