Barefoot Books

Book cover - Undies, Please!

Undies, Please!

This is an adorable tale of a little toddler who wants to be like his older sibling and his Dad and to wear proper undies, colourful ones with spots and stripes! The book tells in short and snappy sentences, often in toddler-speak, the trials and tribulations of potty training. The little one progresses through the milestones: learning about wiping, teaching a toy how to use the potty, having an accident, and trying again.

Book Cover - Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words is a lovely board book that takes you through Baby’s day with both her parents and shows all the words they encounter along the way. From basic nouns such as ‘door’, ‘bicycle’, ‘teddy bear’, ‘owl’ and ‘chair’; including animal sounds, like ‘hoot’, ‘bleat’, and ‘neigh’; onomatopoeias such as ‘brrrrm’, ‘beep’, and ‘Zzzz!’; and expressions children use in their everyday lives like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Uh-oh’ and ‘Again!’ This book is packed with a wide range of vocabulary for little ones.

Book Cover - Can’t Catch Me!

Can’t Catch Me!

‘I’m going to catch you!’ says little lion as he chases animals in the savannah, but they are proving difficult to trap as they suddenly disappear from view, concealing themselves in clever places. Little lion will not be dissuaded from his fun and continues his game of hide-and-seek, until he meets his match in a very large rhinoceros who turns the tables on our playful friend. Will rhino catch little lion, or has the young cub learned a thing or two about hiding himself?

Book Cover - Wild Swans

Wild Swans

Wild Swans is Xanthe Gresham Knight’s retelling of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, in which the King’s eleven sons are transformed into swans by their step-mother, and his one daughter must save them by knitting shirts for them out of nettles that cruelly sting her hands. This version crucially changes the figure of the evil step-mother who hated all the children into a kind, intelligent healer step-mother, who is searching for a cure to the plague that is sweeping the nation.

Book Cover - Will You Help Doug Find His Dog?

Will You Help Doug Find His Dog?

Will You Help Doug Find His Dog? is a funny and interactive book that asks readers to join in Doug’s quest to find his missing dog. Doug, whose name of course sounds a lot like ‘dog’ (some sentences become quite funny to say!), gives us clues to what his own dog looks like and the reader is asked to pat, call and tickle some of the illustrated dogs in order to find Doug’s one. Each time the reader does something, the amount of dogs become smaller and smaller until… we finally discover what we were looking for and, in a funny twist, the reason why he went missing in the first place!