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Book Cover - Terra Ultima

Terra Ultima: The Discovery of a New Continent

Dutch artist Raoul Deleo features as a character in his own inventive picture book—the title translates from the Latin as ‘The End of the World’. Narrated in first person by a fictional academic, Dr Noah J. Stern, the book is an assemblage of ephemera, illustrations, and diary entries from Deleo’s supposed expeditions to a hidden continent inhabited by colourful hybrid creatures including the Flamingo Fawn and Large-Eyed Mouse Carp.

Book Cover - Human 2.0

Human 2.0

Human 2.0 is, as its subtitle promises, a ‘celebration of human bionics’ encompassing millennia of the ingenuity, innovation and resilience deployed by our species to assist, replace or even surpass human biology.

Our Time On Earth - book cover

Our Time On Earth

We are all fascinated by time and animals; how do they spend their time, what do they do with it? And how much time on Earth do they actually have? In this intriguing book, we are given a glimpse into the lifespans of a variety of animals. While some animals have all to brief a lifetime and are rushing for survival, others have seemingly all the time in the world, but how and why?

Book cover - There Are Birds Everywhere

There Are Birds Everywhere

There Are Birds Everywhere is a delightfully colourful book that delves into the story of birds past and present. Full of wonderfully vibrant, eye-catching, interesting and intricately detailed and accurate drawings, the birds are illuminated with fascinating yet easily understandable scientific facts.

Book Cover - Alba: The Hundred Year Old Fish

Alba: The Hundred Year Old Fish

Hawthorne’s picturebook conveys an important ecological message in a colourful and clear way aided by the use of glorious illustrations. Once you are enticed by the stunning front cover you will be further surprised and rewarded when you open the book by the lavishly creative endpapers showing the spectacular world of the coral reef.

Book Cover - ALPHAMALS A – Z


This incredibly detailed book was a delight to read and enjoy from cover to cover. The slightly abstract imagery introduces a great range of animals to the reader. Some of these animals are familiar while some new, more exotic beings are also featured. There is also a good alternation between male and female animal ‘characters’, which is not that common and should be noted.

Book Cover - LOTS


This sumptuous book is a ‘gathering of facts, thoughts and observations’ by the illustrator-author Marc Martin (A River, Templar Publishing, 2016 is a recent offering). The book is a festive blend of the best of Charley Harper’s ecological awareness and Miroslav Sasek’s penchant for mapped guidebooks.