Cover - Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Cross My Heart and Never Die

Translated from Norwegian to English, this book is formatted as the diary of Tuva, who is 12 years old. Tuva is heading back to school after the summer holidays but doesn’t realise that everything is about to change as her best friend has a new boyfriend and no longer wants to build forts in the forest like they used to do. Tuva is stuck in the middle, as she gets pulled in two different directions, she must figure out what she wants for herself while navigating her own first crush.

Book Cover - Read, Scream, Repeat

Read, Scream, Repeat

In her introduction Jennifer Killick promises jump-scares, suspense and pure horror and my goodness, does she deliver! A truly terrifying collection of brand-new short stories, the title absolutely does what it says on the tin. These are spooky tales that you'll want to read again and again, share around campfires, and bring out each Halloween. Reader beware! You’re in for a treat! If you dare turn the first page …

Book Cover - Pick A Story - A Superhero Mermaid Dragon Adventure

Pick A Story: A Superhero Mermaid Dragon Adventure

This wonderfully creative tale is a picturebook take on the ‘choose your own adventure’ style books. In this story, poor Davy has lost his excellent picture on his way to school. But who took it? Was it the mischievous mermaids? The dangerous dragon? Or the sensational superheroes?

Book Cover - The Bedtime Boat

The Bedtime Boat

The Bedtime Boat is a beautifully illustrated paperback made for helping children to sleep using mindfulness techniques. It’s Chandan’s bedtime, but his busy mind is imagining exciting and scary adventures. His Mum keeps repeating a soothing mantra about a little bedtime boat and eventually he drifts off to sleep.

Book Cover - Smuggler's Fox

Smuggler's Fox

Jonah and Rio are brothers who have been fostered. Their mother appears and disappears in and out of their lives leaving Jonah, the older brother, feeling as though he must look out for Rio. When they are separated, Jonah decides to hatch a plan that will bring them back together, but this is not as straight forward as it sounds.

Book cover - The King’s Ship

The King’s Ship

Vidali’s picturebook teaches a very important lesson: you must learn when to stop.
The king has everything, but he still wants more. He wants the biggest, most beautiful and most terrifying ship of all. The king’s orders are obeyed, but one voice keeps asking ‘isn’t this too much?’ The voice is ignored, the ship is built, but it is too heavy after all. The greedy king is not disappointed. He thinks he still has his beautiful palace, but us readers know that his greed has destroyed his castle.

Dread Wood Cover Image

Dread Wood

On first glance, Dread Wood is appealing to look at. The border of each chapter page is attractively (and a little creepily, in keeping with the title) illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, the paragraphs and spacing are inviting and uncluttered, and this reviewer felt there was an inclusivity to all types of readers in the book’s presentation.

Book Cover - The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries - Drama and Danger

The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries: Drama and Danger

Though they come from totally different backgrounds, Lizzie and Belle are drawn together by their similarities: both highly intelligent, they share a hunger for truth and a fearlessness that drives this story on at a breakneck gallop.

Book Cover - We Are Wolves

We Are Wolves

In the final days of the Second World War, the Wolf family flee their home in East Prussia as Russian soldiers advance on their village. Separated from their mother along the way, Liesel and her younger siblings, Otto and Mia, face a perilous struggle for survival as they travel in the hope of finding some form of salvation.

Book Cover - Rainbow Grey

Rainbow Grey

Welcome to the magical world of the Weatherlands, where young Weatherlings train at the Sky Academy to hone their weather-related skills, from controlling rain and snow, thunder and lighting, and the rare sun magic. Adventure-obsessed Ray Grey doesn’t have any magic, but this doesn’t stop her from being the most enthusiastic and dedicated Weatherling. One day, she discovers the secret of the rarest magic of all: rainbow magic. But not all Weatherlings are good, so Ray and her best friends, Snowden and Droplett, are going to have to work together to prevent the terrible storms that are brewing.