Book cover - The King’s Ship

The King’s Ship

Vidali’s picturebook teaches a very important lesson: you must learn when to stop.
The king has everything, but he still wants more. He wants the biggest, most beautiful and most terrifying ship of all. The king’s orders are obeyed, but one voice keeps asking ‘isn’t this too much?’ The voice is ignored, the ship is built, but it is too heavy after all. The greedy king is not disappointed. He thinks he still has his beautiful palace, but us readers know that his greed has destroyed his castle.

Dread Wood Cover Image

Dread Wood

On first glance, Dread Wood is appealing to look at. The border of each chapter page is attractively (and a little creepily, in keeping with the title) illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, the paragraphs and spacing are inviting and uncluttered, and this reviewer felt there was an inclusivity to all types of readers in the book’s presentation.

Book Cover - Rainbow Grey

Rainbow Grey

Welcome to the magical world of the Weatherlands, where young Weatherlings train at the Sky Academy to hone their weather-related skills, from controlling rain and snow, thunder and lighting, and the rare sun magic. Adventure-obsessed Ray Grey doesn’t have any magic, but this doesn’t stop her from being the most enthusiastic and dedicated Weatherling. One day, she discovers the secret of the rarest magic of all: rainbow magic. But not all Weatherlings are good, so Ray and her best friends, Snowden and Droplett, are going to have to work together to prevent the terrible storms that are brewing.

Book Cover - Nightfall in New York

Nightfall in New York

The fourth and final book from the Taylor & Rose Detective Series is packed full of mystery and adventure. After receiving a letter from the dangerous secret society, Fraternitas Draconum, secret agents Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose embark on a new mission to save their friend, Joe. Woodfine has created an action-packed, fast paced adventure with many exciting twists and turns. We follow the characters as they travel undercover on a glamorous transatlantic ocean liner, explore New York in search of clues, and uncover dark secrets.