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I Believe In You Cover Image

I Believe In You

When faced with all those small frustrations in daily life, it can be easy to lose patience with yourself and to give up. This positive and affirming picture book is a reminder to believe in yourself, and in the importance of lending a helping hand whenever you can.

Declan Kirby GAA Star - European Dreams Cover Image

Declan Kirby, GAA Star: European Dreams

European Dreams is the fourth book in the Declan Kirby:GAA Star series. Declan is thrilled to be going to Spain with his team Smithgreen. They will participate in the GAA World Games and play against teams from around the globe. However, the excitement quickly sours when Sam the coach is injured. When an emergency coach is recruited, Declan has to prove himself and keep his place on the team.

Book Cover - Pigín of Howth

Pigín of Howth

A recent winner in the 2016 Bord Gáis Energy Irish Book Awards, Pigín of Howth is a charming picturebook containing three stand-alone stories about a delightful, fun-loving pig, and his adventures around Howth, a busy fishing village in North Dublin. The character of Pigín was created by 82-year-old Kathleen Watkins after she realised how popular the little pig was with her five grandchildren, all of whom make a guest appearance in the book.

Book Cover - The Accidental Adventures of Onion O' Brien: The Head of Ned Belly

The Accidental Adventures of Onion O' Brien: The Head of Ned Belly

When Onion O’Brien and his friends try to protest against the destruction of the Valley – the local waste ground where they hang out – they find themselves on the wrong side of mayor Ronald Bump, who wants to build his new apartments on these grounds. However, when the children learn the legend of Ned Belly, whose ghost is said to guard buried treasure in the Valley, a plan is formed to try and save the Valley from destruction.

Book Cover - Adventures in Philosophy: Stories and Quests for Thinking Heroes

Adventures in Philosophy: Stories and Quests for Thinking Heroes

The idea of introducing philosophy to children is one that may seem daunting, but O’Donoghue approaches this topic in a form that all young readers will understand – that of stories. From the outset this introduction is posing questions that ask how much we think about our thinking and why we think how we do.

Book Cover - Brian Boru: The Warrior King

Brian Boru: The Warrior King

Father and daughter duo John and Fatti Burke present the second in their series of biographies for children, each one focusing on an influential person from Irish history. This book tells the story of Clare man Brian Boru, the son of Cennétig chieftain of the Dál gCais clan, who at the age of twelve lost his parents during a Viking raid, a traumatic event which sparked a determination to become a soldier and rid Ireland of the violent Norsemen.

Book Cover - Be an Irish Explorer

Be an Irish Explorer

Be an Irish Explorer is an activity pad with a twist as it challenges budding artists to discover, doodle, design and draw their way around Ireland. Each page explores a different location, from Newgrange to Bunratty, the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher. Activities include drawing the sights, designing buildings, jewellery, posters and postcards and creating a new comic strip.

Book Cover - Constance Markievicz: The Rebel Countess

Constance Markievicz: The Rebel Countess

The newest addition to the Little Library series introduces young readers to a strong female figure in Irish history, Constance Markievicz, ‘the Rebel Countess’. A politician, a revolutionary and a suffragette, Constance Markievicz led a truly fascinating and impactful life. She played a significant role in Irish history, from campaigning and protesting for women’s voting rights to becoming the first woman ever elected to the British parliament. These moments and more are included in this beautiful book.

Book Cover - Spuds and the Crock of Gold

Spuds and the Crock of Gold

On such a beautiful day, what could go wrong? Well … for Spuds Potsofgold, two things. As Spuds makes his way back to Toadstool Cottage to polish his crock of gold, the sun is so warm and shiny, he thinks he’ll sit down for a little rest. Before he realises, Spuds is snoring away. When he wakes up hours later, his crock of gold is gone! Arriving home in a panic, Spuds then discovers that his pet mouse, Steve, is shedding his winter coat.

Miss Mary: The Irish woman who saved the lives of hundreds of children during World War II

Miss Mary: The Irish woman who saved the lives of hundreds of children during World War II

When Cork-born Mary Elmes heard about the suffering of ordinary people during the Spanish Civil War, she wanted to help. Mary had no medical background but her organisational skills, knowledge of languages, and incredible persistence lead to her running a hospital for civilian casualties. Despite briefly returning to the comfort of neutral Ireland, Mary felt herself called back to an increasingly dangerous and war-torn Europe, determined to do her part for those in need.