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I Kissed Shara Wheeler Cover Image

I Kissed Shara Wheeler

Chloe Green has survived almost four years in her ultra-conservative high school, focused on the one thing that’s kept her going: winning valedictorian. Her fiercest rival is Shara Wheeler – it-girl, prom queen, practically perfect. But a month before graduation, Shara kisses Chloe – and vanishes.

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It feels wrong to play favourites, but of all the many skills Frances Hardinge displays in each of her novels, world-building ranks very high indeed in this reviewer’s list. From underground cities to gods-infested islands, Hardinge’s settings always come with wonderful depth and detail, making them much more than just a background to a character’s progression.

Five Bears - book cover

Five Bears: A Tale of Friendship

Making friends is a tricky business. What makes one person like another? The deceptively simple storyline of this book helps to explain how friendships begin. Here is a story with diversity at its heart. Five very different bears meet: black bear, curly bear, black and white grunty bear, a very big brown bear, and a stuck-up white bear. Do they know one another? No, they have never met. Do they like one another? Not particularly. In fact, their indifference to one another is marked.

Book Cover - Guard Your Heart

Guard Your Heart

Aidan spiralled into grief after his mother died, making every mistake a teenager can possibly make. Now, he’s focused on finishing his exams, and determined to get a one-way ticket out of Derry. Not that he doesn’t love his city, but the wider world beckons – a world where it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, an Irish speaker or if your father carried a gun.

Book Cover - I Am Thunder

I Am Thunder

Inspired by real-life events that saw three British Muslim schoolgirls leave their lives behind to become brides of ISIS, this outstanding début interrogates religious extremism and what it really means to be both British and Muslim.

Book Cover - Children of Blood and Bone

Children of Blood and Bone

In a world where magic has disappeared and maji have been slaughtered by a ruthless king, a girl named Zélie joins forces with the Princess Amari and embarks on a quest to restore magic and to strike back against the forces that have been oppressing the lands of Orïsha.

Book Cover - Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Angels are falling from the sky and it seems as if the world itself is ending. But the world keeps turning even as the angels keep falling. For Jaya it’s a moot point – her world ended when her mother died, two weeks before the first angel fell. Falling at fatal speed from the sky, none of the angels survive their descent from the heavens, and as the world becomes obsessed with these strange beings, Jaya’s father moves his family to Edinburgh, spurred on by the hope of capturing a live angel.

Book Cover - Deeplight


A mystical, mythical story about story. A tale of a young man repositioning himself, becoming the narrator of his life story. A masterclass in the art and craft of the storyteller. An unflinching consideration of everyday horrors and truth. Deeplight is many things, and all of them are true.

Book Cover -  Wild Child

Wild Child

Join young naturalist and author Dara McAnulty on a nature walk and experience the beauty and mysteries of the natural world that exist on your doorstep. Wild Child encourages young people to look out of their windows, venture into their gardens or woods and wander the local lands and riverbanks to connect with the natural world.

Book Cover - Floored


In this creative collaboration, six wildly different teens become unlikely friends after destiny brings them together one day in an elevator and a certain incident cements their fates as forever-entwined.