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Book Cover - Celebrate!


Travel the world with this fascinating gift book featuring fifty of the most exciting and spectacular festivals from many different countries and cultures.

Book Cover - Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster

Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster

The dull town of Lower Drudging has banned all noise and excitement in case the monster who sleeps nearby awakes. However, due to a faulty batnav, ten-year-old vampire Kevin and his family arrive with their travelling carnival and start to shake things up! Kevin meets a girl called Susie Cabbage, and together they try to save the town from the monster … and itself.

Book Cover - I'm Going to be a Princess

I'm Going to Be a Princess!

Stephanie Taylor’s multi-layered and thought provoking text teamed with Jade Orlando’s beautifully detailed illustrations make this picture book a treat for the senses. The title, 'I’m Going to Be a Princess', tricks the reader into thinking this is going to be yet another one dimensional girly girl story. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, a clear feminist voice is interwoven with detailed illustrations to send a strong message about self-belief.

Book Cover - A Whale of A Time

A Whale of a Time

This cloth-bound collection of 366 funny poems, one for every day of the year, opens with a thoughtful love letter to the joy of reading. The exuberant energy echoes through the selection which includes poems by Margaret Mahy, Valerie Bloom, Wendy Cope, Ogden Nash, Christina Rosetti and Benjamin Zephaniah, amongst others.

Book Cover - A World of Dogs - A Celebration of Fascinating Facts and Amazing Real-Life Stories for Dog Lovers

A World of Dogs: A Celebration of Fascinating Facts and Amazing Real-Life Stories for Dog Lovers

A World of Dogs guides us through fascinating facts and amazing real-life stories about the wonderful creatures that are dogs. This is a terrific book for young dog lovers, and what really sets it apart is the fact that author Carlie Sorosiak’s enthusiasm and love for dogs shines through on every page.

Book Cover - Nabil Steals a Penguin

Nabil Steals a Penguin

Nabil is in for more than he bargains for on a family trip to the Zoo where he meets Pierre, a cheeky penguin who is fed up of fish and looking for a tastier dish! Nabil shares his mom’s biryani rice with Pierre and so unfolds a story of being welcoming to others, family, and a penguin who loves curry!

Book Cover - Friends and Traitors

Friends and Traitors

Sidney Dashworth and Nancy Hathersage are unlikely friends and are even unlikelier crime detective allies. Despite their differences, the two characters form a common bond, united in their investigation discovering a Nazi plot to take down the English government during World War II.

Book Cover - The Boy Who Saved a Bear

The Boy Who Saved a Bear

In this charming adventure;, boy meets bear and, while It’s definitely not friendship at first sight, boy and bear form a bond of trust and respect, that takes them on the journey of their lives to return the legendary Key of Nissanka to their Queen.

Book Cover - The Horse Who Came Home

The Horse Who Came Home

Hannah battles with heartbreak, life shattering realisations and being torn between family obligation and doing what’s right in this stop and think kind of book. This compelling story of love and unwavering devotion between Hannah and her ‘heart horse’ is an inspiring read that speaks to how a girl, her pony and some amazing friends can change the world one pony at a time.

Book Cover - Peanut, Butter & Crackers - Puppy Problems

Peanut, Butter & Crackers: Puppy Problems

Lively, fun and beautifully, illustrated, this story focuses on the arrival of a new puppy into the settled lives of Peanut and Butter, a cat and dog who enjoy their quiet and peaceful home. With the arrival of Crackers, a noisy and mischievous puppy who needs to learn the house rules, the pair are forced out of their comfortable, quiet routines and must learn to accept and mentor the new arrival.