Nosy Crow

Mouse Heart Cover Image

Mouse Heart

Set on a ship-theatre, docked in a gloriously stinking, tatterdemalion alt-Bristol, Mouse Heart is the tale of a theatre-orphan turning detective to save her friend from the gallows and the fictional Queen Anne II from assassination.

A Recipe for Trouble Cover Image

A Recipe for Trouble

Introducing Alice Éclair, aged thirteen, the newest spy extraordinaire. By day, she is a talented and creative pastry chef in her mother’s renowned Parisian patisserie constructing delicious and intricate confections. At night, she transforms into a cunning and quick-witted spy, ready to undertake even the most difficult assignment. Inveigling her way onto the glamorous Sapphire Express train, Alice’s task is to single out who amongst the eclectic group of passengers is the double agent before the train reaches its destination.

The Insiders Cover Image

The Insiders

Callie, Billy and Ted are the three protagonists of the narrative and each have their own worries to contend with: Callie experiences peer pressure and the heavy impact of secrets, Billy tries to understand his changing family dynamics, and Ted faces the reality of bullying and changing friendship dynamics.

Kitsy Bitsy's Noisy Neighbours Cover Image

Kitsy Bitsy's Noisy Neighbours

Polly Faber’s bright, colourful picture book delightfully demonstrates how one person’s actions can impact others. As the story takes readers through every floor of the Park View Rise apartments, we learn about everyone who lives there and why it is important to remember to always be kind and considerate towards our neighbours.

And Everything Will Be Glad To See You Cover Images

And Everything Will Be Glad To See You: Poems by Women and Girls

This is an inspiring collection of poetry, gorgeously illustrated and presented. The cloth bound cover promises magic within, and the book delivers on every page. Editor Ella Risabridger’s introduction sets the tone and both it and the conclusion are thought provoking and beautiful. They whisper gently about acceptance of all our different ways of being, about stepping into our own power and what it means to be alive in this time.

We Disagree About This Tree - book cover

We Disagree About This Tree

Bear and Mouse are back and living harmoniously together at Christmas time. But what happens when they have a difference of opinion about how to decorate their Christmas tree? Mouse likes baubles, tinsel and unusual tree-toppers, and Bear likes dazzling lights, candles and unique tree placement – will they ever manage to agree?

Always, Clementine - book cover

Always, Clementine

Written in an inventive and engaging style, this is a heartwarming, thoughtful story of a mouse named Clementine and her quest to get ‘home’ to her friend Rosie the chimp. Clementine is a laboratory mouse, genetically engineered for super-intelligence. Held in captivity and under threat of death, she manages to get free from the lab where she has lived all her life (in the company of Hamlet, a fellow lab mouse). All she wants is to ensure the freedom of the other animals in her lab, most especially Rosie.

All the Animals were Sleeping - book cover

All the Animals Were Sleeping

This lovely picture book follows a little mongoose as he crosses the plains of the Serengeti. With night falling, he makes his way back to his burrow while passing animals sleeping.

Book cover - Max Counts To A Million

Max Counts To A Million

Max could think of lots of reasons why his school could just suddenly close down – meteor strikes, alien teachers, an army of squirrels, but a global pandemic never featured on his list. When his school does close suddenly, it turns out it is not that much fun after all, nor is being stuck in his house all day with his mum who likes to be quiet and who has to work all day. One day Max starts counting to a million, at first it is mainly to annoy his mum, but his count soon becomes something much bigger.

Book Cover - Make More Noise!

Make More Noise!

The most refreshing thing about this lively book of short stories for girls – written to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of women getting the vote in the UK – is how vastly varied the characters in it are. From latter-day ‘posh girl’ suffragettes to present-day girls who love insects and then on to future dystopian heroines battling climate change, no one is excluded from between the covers of this rebellious collection, the front of which is aptly illustrated with a big megaphone.