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Book Cover - Legends of the Cliffs of Moher

Legends of the Cliffs of Moher

Containing five stories inspired by tales associated with the Cliffs of Moher, The Mermaid of Moher, The Hag, The Lost City, The Magic Foals and The Giant Eel of Kilmacreehy, this picturebook is the perfect introduction to Irish folklore from western Ireland.

Book Cover - The Case of the Vanishing Painting

The Case of the Vanishing Painting

A valuable painting disappears having left Galway in a guarded train carriage. Under suspicion is Tim and Deirdre’s father, the train’s guard, but the twins are certain that their father is not a thief. Setting out to solve the mystery of the vanishing painting, their friend Joe assists them on their mission and before long they are not only fighting to save the twins’ father’s reputation, but also fighting for their very lives …

Book Cover - Freya Harte is Not a Puzzle

Freya Harte is Not a Puzzle

Freya has always felt a bit different to her classmates, but things seem to have become increasingly difficult for her since starting secondary school. With a recent Autism diagnosis that she would rather keep private, Freya is even more determined to fit in with the girls in school and hopefully win back her ex-best friend. A trip to Irish college in the Gaeltacht could provide the perfect opportunity, but is it worth changing everything about yourself to try to fit in?

Book Cover - The Harp of Power

The Harp of Power

Is there any better book combination of Irish mythology, folklore, and magic? If you are a fan of both, then The Harp of Power is for you! This is a follow up to Dunne’s first book The Book of Secrets following Cat who loves magic and has The Sight.

Book Cover - Sally in the City of Dreams

Sally in the City of Dreams

Judi Curtin’s latest historical novel tells the story of two sisters emigrating from Ireland to America; it also reads as an introduction to the Irish Immigrant experience at the turn of the century. The novel indicates the year is ‘early 1900s’ rather than a specific year so the reader is immediately open to the generality of the story. What Curtin does so well is write about the living history of the moment, balancing historical detail with stories so the reader isn’t tied to dates and historical events, but open to a time period and cultural experience.

Book Cover - Ellie and the Fairy Door

Ellie and the Fairy Door

After losing her very first tooth, Ellie places it beneath her pillow. But that night, Ellie soon finds a real fairy door in her bedroom, and meets Sean the leprechaun, who has had his crock of gold stolen. Ellie is suddenly shrunken down and whooshed into fairyland, where she finds Tooth Fairy Willow and her magical house. The trio embark on an adventure to recover the crock of gold from the thieving magpie, and it is only with Ellie’s help and kindness that the gold can be retrieved.

Book Cover - Wonders of the Wild

Wonders of the Wild

This introduction to the wildlife of Ireland is a non-fiction account, but not simply a mere book of facts. Each page reads as though we are wandering across the countryside with an informed guide in our midst, every question answered along the way. Between more complex descriptions and definitions there are funny and deliciously disgusting facts that kids will love. This book succeeds in educating through the curiosity of discovering these creatures for the first time in a way that never feels laborious.

Book Cover - It's Too Dark, Puffling

It's Too Dark, Puffling

Erika McGann and Gerry Daly bring us back to Skellig Michael with this addition to the adventures of Puffling, as she comes across a smaller puffling, all by himself and afraid of the dark. Of course Puffling wants to help, and together they go on an adventure across the island, meeting many of the inhabitants. On each occasion they share the reasons they aren’t scared of the dark, but none of this convinces the little puffling, who repeats his fear that ‘it’s too dark in the dark’.

Book Cover - The Climbing Boys

The Climbing Boys

This historical novel sheds light on the plight of child labourers in nineteenth-century Ireland.

Book Cover - Daughter of Winter and Twilight

Daughter of Winter and Twilight

As the adopted heir to the Edaran throne, Emri has always known there is more to her story than she has been told. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday, about to be legally recognised as heir and starting to take on more responsibility, she begins to learn more about her parents’ turbulent past and the events that led to her adoption.