Wide Eyed Editions

Book cover - Built by Animals

Built By Animals: Meet The Creatures Who Inspire Our Homes And Cities

If you enjoyed the Blue Peter Award shortlisted Invented by Animals you will love its sequel about the animals who inspire our homes and cities. This time author Christiane Dorion has teamed up with illustrator Yeji Yun to produce a colourful, witty and fact-filled book that informs and entertains. It teaches in a gentle way and makes the information easy to absorb.

My Own Way - book cover

My Own Way

My Own Way, written and illustrated in the original Portuguese by Joana Estrela, and translated and adapted by the poet Jay Hulme, is a great way to introduce the concept of gender to children. With brightly coloured illustrations in a direct, clear style, the poem shows children that they are the ones who get to decide who they are – and that includes their gender and its expression. In simple language, the book teaches children to critically think about the world and about the things they assume about who others are.

Book Cover - Rescuing Titanic

Rescuing Titanic

On April 12th, 1912, the Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean. While the scale of the tragedy looms large in modern history, the loss of life would have been far greater if another ship had not arrived on the scene, risking her own passengers and crew to rescue more than 700 souls from the icy water. In this remarkable debut, writer-illustrator Flora Delargy tells the story of a group of ordinary people who became heroes in a time of crisis, celebrating the best of humanity while also sensitively acknowledging the heartbreak and suffering caused on that fateful night.

Book Cover - Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets

Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets

Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets is an original and fun book, which will prove to be a hit with enquiring minds. If you’re tired of the usual alphabet books with a limited number of words for each letter, then this book is what you are looking for. Each letter is given its own alphabet with such examples as C for Creepy-Crawlies, H for Hats and Y is for Yellow Things. That means there are 26 fully-illustrated alphabets with 676 objects in total to find.

Book Cover - What Do Animals Do All Day?

What Do Animals Do All Day?

A beautifully colourful and engaging book full of wonder and adventure! A particular treat for animal-lovers and explorers of the wild outdoors, this book will take the reader on an adventure through jungles, forests, oceans, the magical coral reef and many other uniquely mesmerising habitats.

Book Cover - Plantopedia


As colourful and fascinating as a wildflower meadow, this gem of a book introduces children to the variety, beauty and sheer quirkiness of the botanic world. Although fulfilling all of its credentials as an encyclopaedia, this text manages to go far beyond that, providing a vibrant celebration of the natural world.

Book Cover - Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds

Sounds of Nature: World of Birds is a non-fiction book that introduces children to a diverse range of bird species in their natural habitats through sound, text and illustration. Ten different environ-ments as diverse as the Sonoran Desert, the Himalayas and the city are explored here through Robert Hunter’s illustrated backdrops inhabited by the species native to that setting.

Book Cover - Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery

Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery

Yet another great book from Wide Eyed Editions, Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery is a big, bright and welcome twist on the usual historical books. Ten famous explorations are detailed in the book, including Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World, Marco Polo’s expedition to the East, and Armstrong and Aldrin’s trip to the moon.

Book Cover - People of Peace: 40 Inspiring Icons

People of Peace: 40 Inspiring Icons

These days, it is important to examine examples from the past to define our heroes; the peacemakers, ‘tree-shakers’, rights activists. People of Peace contains forty great examples of men and women through history who have dedicated their lives to creating a better world.

Book Cover - Curiositree: Human World: A Visual History of Humankind

Curiositree: Human World: A Visual History of Humankind

Yet another beautiful book from Wide Eyed Editions, The Curiositree: Human World uses detailed information charts to present the wonders of human history. Readers will become explorers as they browse through the book, learning why and how humans have become the most successful species on the planet. There is so much packed in between the covers that children could spend hours finding out about the history of humanity. Coloured arrows, on each page, point to other related charts, and when children follow them, they will see how interconnected our history is.