Eve Foley

The Light Thieves Cover Image

The Light Thieves

The Light Thieves is an exciting new series that follows Grain and his friends as they work together to search for Grain's missing sister, Solas, who has run off to a wonderful, high-tech new city developed by billionaire Howard Hansom. However, along with Grain, we soon begin to see that not everything is as it seems.

Orla and the Magpie's Kiss Cover Image

Orla and the Magpie's Kiss

In the exciting follow up to Orla and Serpent's Curse, we join Orla, her brothers, and Dave the Dog on their vacation in Norfolk spent at their Uncle Valentine’s house. As a new witch, Orla is hoping to relax on holiday. However, when she stumbles upon the nearby Anna’s Woods and learns of the evil GasFrac’s plans to destroy the woodland, she takes it upon herself to alert the locals to the danger and protect the environment.

Book Cover - The Five Clues

The Five Clues

The Five Clues follows thirteen-year-old Edie Franklin who discovers a clue left behind specifically for her by her activist mother on the first anniversary of her death. The clues lead Edie to discover that her mother’s death was not an unfortunate accident as everyone had thought. We join her as she attempts to solve the mystery with the help of her friends and family while meeting new people along the way and learning to process her grief.

Book Cover - A Strange Kind of Brave

A Strange Kind of Brave

Right from the first line, Fitzgerald’s novel immediately drops the reader into the middle of the action, using a very unexpected and chilling point of view from the villain of the story. The very beginning of the novel gives the reader a picture of what is yet to come, which makes it all the more gripping to read. The point of view then alternates between three characters, our villain Jake McCormack, the new kid in town, Luca Spinelli and Clanfedden local, Allie Redmond.