Katie Sullivan Smyth

Book Cover - Kòku Àkànbi and the Heart of Midnight

Kòku Àkànbi and the Heart of Midnight

Maria Motúnráyo Adébísi’s debut novel is the first in a new and exhilarating fantasy series based on West African Mythology. When thirteen-year-old orphaned protagonist, Koku, accidentally unleashes an evil demon spirit during a school trip to the British Museum, his uncle sends him away for the summer. Tired of feeling unwanted, frustratingly misunderstood and of fighting his daily battle with sickle cell anaemia, Koku arrives to the home he doesn’t remember, Olori, feeling powerless.

Book Cover - Indiana Bones and the Invisible City

Indiana Bones and the Invisible City

Harry Heape and Rebecca Bagely offer readers another gripping and tremendously exciting story of Indiana Bones and his friends on their third adventure together. Beginning with a mini recap of ‘slimportant’ pieces of ‘funformation’ in bullet point format, this book ensures all readers, new and returning, can dive into the first chapter in the know.

Book Cover - The Philosophy Resistance Squad

The Philosophy Resistance Squad

Milo Moloney is accepted into the most highly ranked and the wealthiest school in all of Ireland: The Secondary Training Institute for Lifelong Employment. Entering into First Year, he is determined to excel and arrives at orientation ready for the challenge that the prestigious school will give him. However, the academic challenge that Milo is faced with is not what he expects.

Book Cover - Strange But True

Strange But True: 10 Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries Explained

This beautiful book is fun, captivating and, in my opinion, one to be shared! An accessible read which lends itself to being either consumed cover to cover in one sitting or used with a ‘dip in and out’ approach. Hulick’s writing invites readers to participate in the story being told by asking questions that can encourage group discussions. Otherwise, the reader needs to channel their inner Sherlock-Holmes and join the dots.

Book Cover - The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

The Quantum Weirdness of the Almost-Kiss

Parks’s latest title is a romantic comedy that delves into the complexities of human emotions and the feat that navigating through life can be. If family, friends and school life is not enough, there is always the etiquette of the dating world to consider. From first kisses, to new crushes, and childhood sweethearts, this novel exposes the complications that can arise with matters of the heart.

Book Cover - When We Got Lost in Dreamland

When We Got Lost in Dreamland

Dreamland is not a fun place to go, as it happens. Nonetheless, Welford’s writing offers oodles of fun. This is an adventurous story that plays with the idea of the subconscious mind, and all its potential. Narrated by Malky, readers are brought along on a series of unusual events. Both real and imaginary, and imaginary and real at the same time… (wires get crossed, things gets confusing).

Book Cover - The Boy I Am

The Boy I Am

This book offers readers a new and gripping dystopian thriller in YA fiction. It is a thought-provoking novel that tackles the subject of traditional gender roles and explores the theme of societal power dynamics. Quite pointedly, society is split between men and women whereby the men are either auctioned to the ‘female elite’ or live a life buried underground in the mines.

Book Cover - Blackout


This book was written as a collaboration between six powerful and important voices in YA fiction, offering an authentic and relatable romance told through a series of interconnected short stories. Set in New York City, each narrative provides a glimpse into the lives of thirteen individual teenagers. ‘The Long Walk’ sets readers off on the first escapade, with every word a step towards the next block, the next story.

Book Cover - When the Sky Falls

When the Sky Falls

This is a must-read-in-one-sitting title, inspired by a true story. Young Joseph experiences the trials and tribulations of life during World War II. Left without either parent, he is sent to live with his grandmother. Joseph’s feelings of abandonment and disdain for the war that caused everything create a deep- seated resentment within him. Incapable of taming his rage, he pushes everyone around him as far away as possible, refusing to behave. Unable to break his walls down and overcome his unfailing resolve for conflict and trouble, Joseph’s gran sends him away, again.

Book Cover - Rule of Threes

Rule of Threes

From the outset, this family drama addresses hard-hitting topics in a heart- wrenching and darkly funny way. Readers are invited into the life of bold and self- aware protagonist Maggie Owens as she contends with the harsh realities of addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, parental divorce and fraught friendships.