Kòku Àkànbi and the Heart of Midnight

Maria Motúnráyo Adébísi’s debut novel is the first in a new and exhilarating fantasy series based on West African Mythology. When thirteen-year-old orphaned protagonist, Koku, accidentally unleashes an evil demon spirit during a school trip to the British Museum, his uncle sends him away for the summer. Tired of feeling unwanted, frustratingly misunderstood and of fighting his daily battle with sickle cell anaemia, Koku arrives to the home he doesn’t remember, Olori, feeling powerless.

It is there, in the land of endless sun, that the magic of Yoruba promises unforeseen adventure and an untold amount of change for Koku. He faces a series of personal challenges, from discovering hard truths about his past and his family, to the imminent fate of his homeland, and the imperative role he has to play in saving it from being destroyed. Meeting new, headstrong and hardcore friends, Osoosi and Moremi, Koku embarks on his journey of self-discovery and his bid to find his tribe at once.

An epic adventure story across our world and into another of ancient tribes, gods and goddesses, demons, and magical powers. This book offers a representation of dual identities, British and African, through themes of belonging and friendship. The characters are bursting with attitude and their group dynamic brings out nuances in their cultural differences, such as the seamless tone switching between English and Yoruba slang.

A captivating insight to West African Mythology that will leave you wanting more.

Book Cover - Kòku Àkànbi and the Heart of Midnight
Publication Date
August 2023