Book Cover – Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy loves her teacher, the always kind Múinteoir Emer, who shows endless patience with her unruly class. But when Milly’s class receives the terrible news that Múinteoir Emer must take some time off for a bunion removal, how will the class cope for five weeks with a substitute teacher? More importantly, how will the substitute teacher cope with Milly’s class?

Book Cover - Ivy Newt and the Swamp Dragons

Ivy Newt and the Swamp Dragons

We might expect the Swamp Dragons of the title to be the antagonists of the book, but Ivy’s foe in the third book of the Ivy Newt series takes a most unexpected form following a bubble bath gone awry. Ivy must face an enemy with a schoolyard bully malevolence that is more intimidating than any mythical creature, though there are also some fearsome beasts to face. Ivy does so with bravery and ingenuity, the help of friends old and new, and surely cheered on by anyone reading.

Book Cover – The No-Girlfriend Rule

The No-Girlfriend Rule

This sweet and charming LGBTQIA+ coming-of-age story shows us that we can discover the most about ourselves in the unlikeliest of places, such as a weekly game of Secrets & Spells (the in-book version of Dungeons & Dragons), as in the case of high-schooler Hollis Beckwith.

Book Cover - The Traitor in the Game

Traitor in the Game

This fast-moving thriller is set in the world of online gaming and is the sequel to the Campbell’s first book, A Game of Life or Death.

Book Cover - Freya Harte is Not a Puzzle

Freya Harte is Not a Puzzle

Freya has always felt a bit different to her classmates, but things seem to have become increasingly difficult for her since starting secondary school. With a recent Autism diagnosis that she would rather keep private, Freya is even more determined to fit in with the girls in school and hopefully win back her ex-best friend. A trip to Irish college in the Gaeltacht could provide the perfect opportunity, but is it worth changing everything about yourself to try to fit in?

Book Cover - Sophie Anderson

The Snow Girl

Tasha and her parents have moved to live with her grandfather in a remote valley. The novel opens with her experiencing her first snow and it is more wonderful than she had even imagined. The magic of snow is hard to imagine, but Anderson evokes it beautifully, spreading a chill throughout the pages of this wonderfully wintry tale.

Cover of Building Communities reading guide

Building Communities Reading Guide

A reading list for ages 0–12, designed to inspire building the homes, places and communities of tomorrow.

Book Cover - Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers and Everyday Heroes

Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers and Everyday Heroes

The first collection of its kind, Black & Irish is an exciting non-fiction book that celebrates many iconic Black Irish people and their achievements. With actors, writers, fashion influencers, doctors, activists, musicians, sports stars, academics, and many more, this book acts as a tribute to several inspirational figures of all ages.

Book Cover - Wonder-Vet


This book tells the fascinating story of remarkable Irish-born Aleen Cust. As a child, she loved being outdoors and caring for animals. Her grandmother, who was a writer, artist and an avid cat lover, shared her passion for animals. Aleen went on to become the first female veterinary student in Edinburgh in 1900. Although top of her class, as the only woman she was met with many challenges.

Book Cover - Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Milly McCarthy is going to be a World Champion Irish dancer, she’s sure of it; all she needs is to convince her parents, which is always a challenge, given the chaos created by her previous extracurricular. But when it turns out Milly is actually quite talented, her mother agrees and Milly’s ascent through the world of competitive Irish dance begins. Alas for Milly, her World Championship dream ends the way everything seems to for the girl whose number one skill is calamity: in disaster!