Bloomsbury Children's Books

Cover - Once Upon A Story Time

Once Upon A Storytime

Unicorns, castles, sweets and gingerbread, pirate ships and wicked witches – this book is teeming with classic storybook elements!

Book Cover - The Big Dreaming

The Big Dreaming

Big Bear and Little Bear are getting ready for their hibernation, but this is Little Bear’s first long winter sleep. He is worried that he might run out of dreams and is anxious about what could happen then. So he sets off to look for more dreams, and along the way meets up with Squirrel, Rabbit, and Wolf, who share their dreams with him.

Book Cover - What You Need to be Warm

What You Need to be Warm

This book communicates an important message ‘you have a right to be here’ and reminds those of us with the ability to get warm that we can create warmth for those who are lacking it through support and kindness. Gaiman drew inspiration for this poem from memories of being warm submitted to him from followers on social media. The poem combines those memories with echoes of the journeys of people who have been forcibly displaced and is accompanied by stunning works of art from thirteen accomplished illustrators which include Oliver Jeffers and Chris Riddell.

Book Cover - Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures

Mal is a young girl who lives on the Archipelago; she’s fiercely determined and loves nothing more than using her flying coat to soar high into the skies. Mal’s surroundings initially seem fairly ordinary until we find out that this magical land is home to many fantastical creatures, and something is happening that threatens their very existence …

Book Cover - Fablehouse


Hidden in the hills on the outskirts of the nearby village, Selworthy, sat Fablehouse. This distance from others gave the fantastical fae an opportunity to invade, a space to amplify the magical tone. However, the setting also represents the seclusion of these young children who have been forced away from the town due to their race.

Book Cover - Meet the Weather

Meet the Weather

In a vibrant and captivating follow up to the Meet the Planets and Meet the Oceans, Caryl Hart embarks on a playful and exhilarating journey through the diverse weather phenomena found in our natural world.

Book Cover - Swimming on the Moon

Swimming on the Moon

Even though Anna’s parents are going through an undeniably rough patch, the stubborn twelve-year-old is utterly determined to make them stay together – there’s no way she’s letting them split up! Especially if that means there might be even the smallest possibility of having to live apart from her twin brother, Anto. He might be a boy and he might use Lego bricks to speak but he’s the best thing in Anna’s world and she’s not about to let him go without a fight. Nobody comes between her and her twin.

Book Cover - Ada Rue and the Banished

Ada Rue and the Banished

Ada is a quiet, shy girl who feels intensely anxious speaking to strangers. The book addresses Ada’s nervousness at moving to a new town and a new school, and her worries about not being accepted or understood.

Book Cover - The Very Best Hug

The Very Best Hug

Who gives the very best hug? Join the search to discover which animal has the snuggest squeeze and the comfiest cuddle in this romp of a journey that reveals the power of hugs. Animals of all sorts are illustrated in a sweet, uplifting story where one child is on the hunt throughout the rooms of the house for the very best hug. Everything from koala cuddles to skunk squeezes is tried and tested, but in the end it’s the hug from a loved one at home that wins the day.

Book Cover - Monster! Thirsty! Drink!

Monster! Thirsty! Drink!

Monster is back, and the hilarity continues! After last year’s Monster! Hungry! Phone! we meet Monster on a very hot day just when he spills his drink. He encounters a variety of animals in search of a thirst quencher, and each scene is funnier than the last.