Gretel Sullivan

Run for Your Life Cover Image

Run for Your Life

Run For Your Life begins with a dedication to young people living in Direct Provision in Ireland. The story is narrated by central protagonist Azari, and is split between her past life, before she became a refugee, and her present life in Ireland. The transitions between the two are seamless, leaving the reader constantly wanting to know what will happen next.

Dread Wood Cover Image

Dread Wood

On first glance, Dread Wood is appealing to look at. The border of each chapter page is attractively (and a little creepily, in keeping with the title) illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, the paragraphs and spacing are inviting and uncluttered, and this reviewer felt there was an inclusivity to all types of readers in the book’s presentation.

Book Cover - Look, Puppy!

Look, Puppy!

Look Puppy! is a visual treat. Mary Murphy’s text and Veronica Ball’s illustrations mesh together perfectly to create a charming read. The illustrations are rich and detailed and encourage further exploration, the pastel colouring keeps it inviting and not overpowering. The story is simple and would make a great bedtime read.