Joanna Geoghegan

My Dog Hen - book cover

My Dog, Hen

Hen, an excitable little dog with an appetite for mischief, is adopted from the shelter by a young boy and his parents. Hen loves to eat the curtains, the cushions, and even his new toys - until Grandma gives him something special. Hen’s story carries a wonderful lesson about finding the value in things that are pre-owned. Mackintosh’s endearing new picturebook will resonate with any family that has ever adopted a pet from a rescue shelter, and demonstrates the importance of showing compassion, kindness and patience to animals.

Sherlock Bones and The Case Of The Crown Jewels

Sherlock Bones and The Case Of The Crown Jewels

Has someone stolen your most prized tiara? Taken your favourite pocket watch? Made off with all your carrots? If so, then Sherlock Bones and Dr Jane Catson are here to save the day. Join in and help Bones and Catson uncover who has stolen the crown jewels from Kennel Palace.

Book Cover - Permanent Record

Permanent Record

Pablo Neruda Rind is a twenty-year-old college dropout who spends his nights working in a New York bodega, trying to pay off the debt from his credit card and student loans. Nineteen-year-old Leanna Smart, meanwhile, is a high-flying musician and movie star who owns a multi-million dollar cosmetics company. When Leanna wanders into Pablo’s workplace at five o’clock in the morning, the sparks begin to fly – but of course, dating an A-list celebrity comes with its own set of problems.

Book Cover - My Friend Earth

My Friend Earth

Within the pages of this book, the narrator tells the story of their friend, Earth, from the moment she wakes up from a winter nap, to her next naptime the following winter. Earth encounters many animals, from the miniscule to the mountainous, for whom she acts as a guide and protector, returning lost baby zebras to their mothers and taking care of a vast number of sea creatures.

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindness

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindness

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses is a beautiful story about a mother and her three children who are forced to flee from a war-torn country. Along the way, they are met with many people on their journey who show them great kindness, such as providing them with food and shelter, and providing the children with a good education and friendship. Kurman’s wonderful story speaks to the importance of empathy, understanding and generosity in ensuring the safety and happiness of refugees.

Book Cover - Different Like Delia

Different like Delia

Five-year-old Delia lives in San Francisco and dreams of becoming a world-famous fashion designer. When Delia begins to stutter, she loses all of her confidence and battles with anxiety and worry. Throughout this book, Delia deals with low self-esteem and bullying as a result of her stutter, before learning to see the bigger picture. Different Like Delia is a charming book about the importance of self-acceptance, friendship and kindness.

Book Cover - The Short Knife

The Short Knife

The Short Knife by Elen Caldecott follows the misfortune of Mai, her sister Haf and their father after their home is destroyed by Saxon warriors. Mai and Haf, having grown up in isolation on their farm, must learn to live in a world created and ruled by men, and dominated by a power struggle between the Saxons and the native British peoples.

Book Cover - Eating Chips with Monkey

Eating Chips with Monkey

When ten-year-old Daniel suffers a terrible accident one night, he loses all memory of his life before the incident and becomes a shadow of his former self, speaking to no one except for his toy Monkey. His family try to help him by using one thing that they know he loves: chips. Eating Chips with Monkey follows Daniel’s family on a drive around England to find the best fish and chip shop in the country. The family experiences many amusing mishaps and adventures along the way, such as Grandma’s encounter with a very hungry giraffe.

Book Cover - Chasing Ghosts: An Arctic Adventure

Chasing Ghosts: An Arctic Adventure

Chasing Ghosts: An Arctic Adventure is a gripping new tale by Nicola Pierce that follows two series of true events that unfolded thousands of miles apart yet are inextricably linked. At the centre of the novel is the story of Ann Coppins, whose sister Weesy has recently passed away – but Weesy has not moved on, and her spirit remains in the family home.