How to Be a Vet and Other Animal Jobs

Do you have a young reader who’s animal mad and can think of nothing better than spending every day helping animals? For anyone who wants to be a vet but doesn’t know where to start, we have the book for you! It can all seem a bit like being an animal detective, especially since animals can’t just tell you what they need. This book opens with everything you need to learn. Page after page lets you in on the secrets of how vets help animals stay healthy and happy, the different animals they treat, the places they work and even the history of veterinary medicine.

Animals large and small, domestic and wild, need people to look after them. Did you know there’s a wide range of different jobs that could take you all over the world? Or even closer to home, as you learn how to keep animals and their people safe in your own community. There’s so much in store for dedicated animal lovers!

The brilliant, easy to understand explanations lead inquisitive, curious young minds on a journey from the vets’ office and research labs through farms and fields, wildlife parks and more. Accompanied by bright, inclusive illustrations that depict vets and aspiring animal workers from all walks of life, this is a truly engaging and inspiring book that’s sure to fire kids’ imaginations and get them thinking outside the animal box! Part of the ‘How to Be…’ Series from Nosy Crow.

Book Cover - How to Be a Vet and Other Animal Jobs
Publication Date
July 2021