The Last Girl

Rachel isn’t like the other students at her New York high school. She didn’t grow up with nannies indulging her whims and she’s more interested in watching vintage horror films than getting into the cool parties. She also survived a violent attack last year that unleashed a side of her that she’s desperate to keep hidden. When Rachel witnesses a classmate being humiliated by apparently supernatural forces, she suspects foul play.

Her investigation into the school’s mysterious prankster leads her to the Mary Shelley Club, a secret society that may hold the answer to all her problems – so long as her past doesn’t catch up to her.

At a time when teenagers are binging Friends episodes and rocking mom jeans, it makes perfect sense to release a book channeling the gleeful genre self-awareness of Scream, one of the nineties’ most iconic films. Moldavsky’s vision of teenagers recreating horror-movie tropes to terrify their enemies fits perfectly into the classic scream-queen canon while also raising incisive questions about our current age of the performed self.

Provided the reader can accept the rules of the horror genre – and if you can’t remember them, don’t worry because Rachel will remind you – this is a fun, twisty, deliciously demented rollercoaster ride. The ending feels a little underdeveloped, but then all great horror films must leave open the possibility of a sequel.

Book Cover - The Last Girl
Publication Date
April 2021