Ellery is a cynic in a society that worships deities adjacent to the ancient Greek Olympians. Forced to leave home due to an endless winter which has destroyed their family’s rural livelihood, Ellery has had enough of superstition and fairytales. That is, until they meet Knox, who introduces Ellery to a world of magic and adventure.

Lukens’ clever storytelling features representation of a community of thriving LGBTQ+ characters, Nonbinary Ellory lives with their big-hearted cousin Charley and her girlfriend Zada, who also take Knox in when he must flee from dark spirits out for vengeance. They are joined in their exploits by a colourful cast of side characters including Lorelei, a river nymph from Knox’s past, and Bram, a lovable minor god with a grumpy exterior. The ways in which these characters protect and support each other creates an uplifting sense of chosen family.

With plenty of chemistry, humour, and awkwardness as Ellery and Knox experience their first crush, this is primarily a tale of teenage love and the amount of space devoted to Knox and Ellery’s romance might disappoint readers looking for high stakes tension. However, there are certainly plenty of unpredictable plot twists that results in a fresh and cohesive narrative.

Otherwordly is perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and Derek Landy, with its irreverent humour, authentic teenage characters, and world-building which feels both mythical and recognisable.

Book Cover – Otherworldly
Publication Date
April 2024