Sarah Kettles

Book Cover – So Let them Burn

So Let Them Burn

This expansive, gorgeously detailed book brings traditional European fantasy elements face to face with Jamaican-inspired ancestor magic in a timely exploration of colonialism, imperialism, and rebuilding in the aftermath of both.

Book Cover - Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Milly McCarthy and the Irish Dancing Disaster

Milly McCarthy is going to be a World Champion Irish dancer, she’s sure of it; all she needs is to convince her parents, which is always a challenge, given the chaos created by her previous extracurricular. But when it turns out Milly is actually quite talented, her mother agrees and Milly’s ascent through the world of competitive Irish dance begins. Alas for Milly, her World Championship dream ends the way everything seems to for the girl whose number one skill is calamity: in disaster!

Book Cover - The Last Mapmaker

The Last Mapmaker

Twelve-year-old Sai is drowning in secrets: her desperately poor upbringing and lack of traceable ancestry must be hidden from her upwardly mobile peers, and her prestigious apprenticeship with her country’s most celebrated mapmaker kept from her conman father.

Book Cover - Ivy Newt and the Storm Witch

Ivy Newt and the Storm Witch

When Ivy’s birthday surprise goes awry and her parents, the king and queen of the Sand Witches, disappear, Ivy leaps into action. She and her familiar, the wolf-boy Tom, set off across Miracula. Pairing up with a young wizard to defeat an evil queen, they must bravely attempt to rescue Ivy’s parents and reunite the kings and queens of Miracula.

Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals Cover Image

Peanut Jones and the Twelve Portals

The second book in Biddulph's clever, creative and delightfully funny Peanut Jones series, The Twelve Portals continues Peanut's adventures in the magical world of Chroma alongside her genius little sister and science-minded best friend Rockwell. When colour begins vanishing from the city that inspires all the world's creativity, Peanut and her pals are determined to find out why ¬¬- and to ensure Chroma's increasing monochromaticity doesn't cross over into their world.

Beyond the Frozen Horizon Cover Image

Beyond the Frozen Horizon

In the not-so-distant future, the world has finally recognised the threat posed by climate change. When Rory, an adventurous and nature-loving, girl isolated from her schoolmates by family circumstance is granted the opportunity to explore a re-wilded far north, she's thrilled.

Book Cover - Failosophy for Teens

Failosophy for Teens

Elizabeth Day’s ‘handbook for when things go wrong’ does what it says on the tin: it hands teens tools for coping with life’s inevitable failures. Failosophy for Teens draws heavily from Day’s own experiences and from those of the guests on her podcast to demonstrate the various ways in which attitudes and thought processes can change the ways that failures impact day-to-day life, breaking her ‘failosophy’ down into seven basic principles intended to help the reader make the best of all situations.

The Wind Child Cover Image

The Wind Child

The Wind Child is a richly textured story of loss and grief set against a tapestry of Slavic folklore interwoven throughout both the text and its gorgeous decorative illustrations.

Book Cover - Chameleon Dad

Chameleon Dad

Eight years ago, Connie’s dad left her in an airport café with a chameleon and never came back. Thanks to her foster mum’s job as a cleaner at the airport, Connie finds herself back in that same café, hoping her long-lost dad will return to her, on a regular basis. When her daily visits to the airport lead to the discovery of a letter from her dad, a whirlwind adventure through the airport and countryside follows, as Connie struggles to make sense of her feelings toward her long-lost father, her overprotective foster mother and a new friend.

Jummy at the River School Cover Image

Jummy at the River School

A joyful romp through the complexities of socioeconomic class in colourful 1990s Nigeria, Jummy at the River School follows Jummy as she wins and accepts a place at a prestigious boarding school. She is thrilled to explore this new world of friendly faces, midnight feasts, and fierce athletic competitions, but it is a struggle leaving her best friend behind to work with her family.