Ivy Newt and the Storm Witch

When Ivy’s birthday surprise goes awry and her parents, the king and queen of the Sand Witches, disappear, Ivy leaps into action. She and her familiar, the wolf-boy Tom, set off across Miracula. Pairing up with a young wizard to defeat an evil queen, they must bravely attempt to rescue Ivy’s parents and reunite the kings and queens of Miracula.

Full of fun and adventure, Ivy Newt and the Storm Witch is a great book for budding fantasy enthusiasts and lovers of magic. The book blends elements from multiple folkloric traditions, bringing together broomsticks, flying carpets, and fantastic, funny animal. Characterisation and fun sidekicks create a unique but warmly familiar world, which Magda Brol’s lovely illustrations bring to life. Lively and often comical, the illustrations enhance the experience of reading, and succeed in drawing the reader’s attention to clever details that might otherwise have escaped notice.

A delightful romp through a fun, original world, this book about budding confidence, new friendships, and standing up to bullies would make a great addition to any young reader’s shelf.

About the Author
Derek Keilty Headshot
Derek Keilty lives in Belfast and is the author of over ten books for children. His work has been translated into many different languages, selected for the Richard and Judy Club and shortlisted for the Children's Books Ireland Book of the Year.
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Book Cover - Ivy Newt and the Storm Witch
Publication Date
April 2023