Tarsila Krüse

Book Cover - My First Book of Dinosaurs

My First Book of Dinosaurs

My First Book of Dinosaurs is a fun introduction to some incredible prehistoric creatures for young readers. Featuring 20 roarsome dinosaurs, from the well-known Tyrannosaurus Rex to the perhaps not-so-talked-about Coelophysis, this short book is packed with information that will delight both dino-lovers as well as fact-aficionados.

Book cover - The Robber Racoon

The Robber Racoon

Rosie Racoon is up to no good, out and about in a grand neighbourhood. We follow her as she sneakily breaks into the homes of Bear, Flamingo and Snake – no one is safe! The police are right on her tail and soon Rosie gets caught, but nothing of value seems to have been robbed … unless you have a keen eye for recycling and an artistic flair.

The Think-Ups - book cover

The Think-Ups

It is a rainy day and Anna and Kiki are stuck inside wondering what to play. Kiki then invents a new game called The Think-Ups, in which all you have to do is to think up a Think-Up and it will appear… soon bunnies, octopus, koalas and even a moose show up and chaos begins to ensue…

Book Cover - Sam and Jump

Sam and Jump

Sam and his stuffed bunny, Jump, are best friends and they do everything together. After a trip to the beach they make a new friend, but Jump is accidentally left behind. Will Sam ever see Jump again? What could have happened to him?

Author-illustrator Jennifer K. Mann takes a heart-warming approach to friendship in Sam and Jump, subtly touching on issues such as loyalty and responsibility, but above all, she beautifully deals with the very real anguish of losing a special toy.

Book Cover - Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound is a sweet bedtime picturebook in which the reader is presented with a wide variety of baby animals who are kept safe by their respective grown-ups in all sorts of different environments: chipmunks live underground, anteaters ride on their mothers’ backs, kangaroo joeys need a comfy pouch and crocodile hatchlings hide inside their mother’s mouth.

Book Cover - Roar Like a Lion

Roar Like a Lion

Have you ever considered what kind of life lessons humans could learn from animals? Roar Like a Lion is an inspiring and uplifting book filled with precious life insights inspired by numerous creatures from the animal world.

Book Cover - Oliver’s Lollipop

Oliver’s Lollipop

Oliver and his family are heading to the zoo and because it is his birthday, Oliver gets a gigantic rainbow lollipop just before they go in. While his parents and little brother are enjoying the visit and the animals, Oliver is daydreaming about the delicious taste of his treat – after all, he thinks, the lollipop is the most dazzling thing in the whole zoo until … it is suddenly gone, before he could even take a lick.

Book Cover - Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words

Baby’s First Words is a lovely board book that takes you through Baby’s day with both her parents and shows all the words they encounter along the way. From basic nouns such as ‘door’, ‘bicycle’, ‘teddy bear’, ‘owl’ and ‘chair’; including animal sounds, like ‘hoot’, ‘bleat’, and ‘neigh’; onomatopoeias such as ‘brrrrm’, ‘beep’, and ‘Zzzz!’; and expressions children use in their everyday lives like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Uh-oh’ and ‘Again!’ This book is packed with a wide range of vocabulary for little ones.

Book Cover - Brick Building 101: 20 Lego activities to teach kids about STEAM

Brick Building 101: 20 Lego activities to teach kids about STEAM

Brick Building 101 is a creative take for both parents and children to explore and learn more about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through a much beloved toy – Lego. A stay-at-home mom of three, author Sanchez emphasizes the use of texture, colour and imagination to encourage learning through a wide variety of projects.

Book Cover - This Zoo is Not for You

This Zoo is Not for You

Platypus comes into the zoo just when the animals are running interviews. Will he be accepted in? Panda is not impressed by the platypus’s lack of popularity, the flamingos claim he is not graceful; the monkeys believe he cannot do any tricks; the chameleons find him hitting only a one-colour note, and elephant finally declares he’s short and weird. Platypus remains silent through his visit, while all zoo animals constantly tell him ‘This Zoo is not for you.’ Then he gets fed up but accidentally leaves a note behind… will the animals find out the true reason why Platypus was there?