Funny books

Book Cover - Memory Superpowers

Memory Superpowers!

Mnemonics, or memory tricks, are strategies designed to help improve our memory using primarily visual or listening cues and rhymes. They emphasise the use of key words, acronyms, visuals and expressions to equip us to learn by association, taking what is unfamiliar and linking it to a familiar picture in our own world. Readers can use this fabulous book to create a personal Memory Palace to store information in their brains.

Book Cover - That’s Not A Hippopotamous

That’s Not A Hippopotamous

From New Zealand, Juliette MacIver and Sarah Davis are at the top of their game with a new offering from Gecko Press.

That’s NOT a HIPPOPOTAMUS tells the story of a class of children and their teacher on a visit to Don’s Safari. The hippopotamus has gone missing and the children notice. A hunt ensues and despite many choruses of: ‘I got ‘im Miss/I got ‘im Miss/I KNEW that I could spot ‘im, Miss!’ … the hippo remains elusive. (Mind you, he is featured on every spread if you are sharp-sighted enough to spot him!)

Book Cover - The Dressing-Up Dad

The Dressing-Up Dad

Who has not been embarrassed by their parents? The Dressing-Up Dad by Maudie Smith and Paul Howard introduces a dad who loves to dress up. His young son Danny and he dress up as a chicken, a rocket or a pirate and have a great time together. But Danny is getting older, and he starts to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to have an ordinary dad.

Book Cover - Our Dog Benji

Our Dog Benji

Anyone who has ever owned a dog will know that dogs will eat practically anything – from bones to biscuits, from Brussels sprouts to buttercups, from pickles to polenta – if it looks in any way edible; they will, at the very least, give it a lick. Conversely, anyone who has ever cared for a child will know that, when it comes to food, kids are a little harder to please.

Book Cover - I Don't Know What To Call My Cat

I Don't Know What To Call My Cat

This humorous book tells the story of the hunt for the perfect name for a cat who has turned up on a little girl’s doorstep. It should be an easy task … but each page proves that there is much more to a name than just a sound. This book is a delight to read and had me going back through the pages to see what clues I may have missed along the way.

Book Cover - Fizzy and the Party

Fizzy and the Party

Fizzy and her Mum are about to wind down, eat supper and head to bed one Tuesday evening. But Fizzy begins to root through her dress up box to find the perfect outfit for Mrs Crumbleboom’s party next door. While her Mum needs some convincing, the two head over to the party and enjoy lots of treats, rock music, and exploring Mrs Crumbleboom’s house. Mum brings Fizzy back home before they can see the fireworks, but a compromise is made when they make a blanket fort and watch the fireworks from the window together.

Book Cover - Mr Spicebag

Mr Spicebag

For children and adults alike, those have eaten a spice bag from the chip shop and those who have yet to try one, Mr Spicebag is an experience like no other. Freddie Alexander immediately draws the reader into the origin story of the ‘real’ spice bag. We explore the plot through the central character, George, who notices a mysterious change in his town following the arrival of Mr Spicebag’s chipper.

Book Cover - Grimwood


Grimwood is a beautifully touching yet brilliantly silly comedy about family, friendship and home. Nancy and her little brother Ted are fox cubs who live in the Big City. When they find themselves in a spot of bother with the local cat gang leader Princess Buttons, they need to find somewhere safe to escape to. Luckily for them a super-duper rat with a map helps them out and they find themselves in a forest called Grimwood. It is an unusual but wonderful place and the inhabitants are ones you won’t easily forget!

Book Cover - Charlie & Mouse

Charlie & Mouse

These four stories cover a day in the life of Charlie and his little brother, Mouse. We meet them in bed, the smaller lump assuring the larger that, despite their conversation, he’s still asleep. If that sounds impossible, a trip to the parental lumps’ bed proves Mouse’s point. When he asks, ‘How can you be sleeping? You are talking,’ the answer from the grown-up lump is, ‘I am a mom. I can do what I want.’

Book Cover - The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

Early one morning, a mouse meets a wolf, and he is promptly gobbled up. It seems as if our hero’s story has ended by page four, but luckily his adventures are only just beginning. In the wolf’s belly he meets a duck who has adapted splendidly to his cramped but cosy quarters. The mouse is soon living the high life with his new friend, enjoying elegant feasts and raging parties, but when a hunter targets the wolf, all three animals will have to work together to defend their symbiotic existence.