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Give Leabhar Gaeilge cover artwork - Fintan Wall, March 2024

Give Leabhar Gaeilge

This Seachtain na Gaeilge (1–17 March), discover a new reading guide highlighting the excellent books on offer in the Irish language for children and young people.

Book Cover - Peng and Spanners - Who Stole the Pizzas

Peng and Spanners: Who Stole the Pizzas?

Introducing Peng, a sarcastic and easily bored penguin, and Spanners, a clever cat with a toolbelt, a not-so-secret HQ, and a talent for invention. This graphic novel is filled with jokes and playfulness beginning with the front cover where a sticker declares ‘free pizza inside’. The characters argue about how messy that would be before Spanners points out the much smaller word ‘drawings’, meaning (sadly) no real pizza is on offer.

Issue 70 of Inis Magazine, cover by Mary Murphy

Inis magazine: issue 70, January 2024

Inis is the magazine of Children's Books Ireland. Within these pages you will find features and articles on Irish and international children's books as well as in-depth reviews of new titles for children and teenagers. With its range of expert contributors, this is a key resource for teachers, writers, illustrators, librarians, parents/guardians and everyone interested in children's books.

Book Cover - How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

How do Meerkats order Pizza? The fascinating answer to the title of this book is that they vote! How do we know this? Why science and research of course! Brooke Barker, the author and illustrator of this fantastic non-fiction book shows us wild animal facts through the people who study them.

Book Cover - The Astonishing Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere

A Bronte Mettlestone Adventure: The Astonishing Chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere

Skateboard enthusiast Oscar gets chatting to two fellow skaters who disclose (sheepishly) that they’ve heard of a secret world accessible from the skate park by using a mirror. Incredulity does not prevent Oscar from suddenly materialising in another dimension, and it is a hair-raising transition, as Oscar must summon all his athletic prowess to escape a giant silver wave that is about to engulf him.

Book Cover: Solve Your Own Mystery: The Transylvanian Express

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Transylvanian Express

Have you ever fancied your chances of being able to crack an uncrackable mystery? Now is your chance!

Detective Klaus Solstaag, a yeti investigator, and his assistant leave the eccentric town of Haventry aboard the Transylvanian Express headed towards the castle of vampire Count Fledermaus on the invitation of a mysterious unnamed client seeking their services.

Book Cover - Flip Flap Halloween

Flip Flap Halloween

If you’re looking for a Halloween-themed read that won’t terrify your toddler, then this is a great one to start with. This boardbook is brightly coloured, and the creepy characters revealed on each page are rather friendly compared to others.

Book Cover - Monster Support Group: The Werewolf's Tale

Monster Support Group The Werewolf's Tale

Lowell and his family have moved to a new town and new school. Lowell is going through changes some people experience during adolescence; he is hairier and moody, but they are not the only changes he is experiencing ...

Book Cover - Bunnies in A Sleigh

Bunnies in a Sleigh

Christmas goes absolutely bonkers in this third instalment in the Bunnies series. The elves have eaten too much sugar and have a tummy ache, so the bunnies hop on board the sleigh to help Santa with his deliveries. Of course, the bunnies cause even more havoc and hilarity as Santa tries to complete his deliveries – they get stuck in chimneys, stuck in snow, stuffed in stockings – the mayhem is seemingly unending!

Book Cover - Oscar's Lion

Oscar's Lion

Oscar is surprised to discover a lion is his babysitter for the weekend. But, when the lion reads his favourite story and lets him have ice-cream for dessert, Oscar realises it could be a fun weekend! Soon, Oscar finds out that the lion transforms into other animals and the pair embark on a series of adventures.