Girls Can’t Hit

Feminism, Anglo-Saxon peasants and boxing – a surprisingly winning combination!

Fleur leads a relatively tame life where her only excitement is dressing as an Anglo-Saxon peasant at the weekends. Her days are filled with avoiding sporty school bully Bonita and enduring her over-protective mother, with the occasional date with her nice/dull boyfriend George.

When her super feminist friend Blossom drags Fleur along to a gender equality protest at their local boxing club, what starts as an experiment in boxing to prove a point suddenly turns into an unexpected passion that sees Fleur, against all odds, climbing into a boxing ring to face an unlikely opponent.

As a proud feminist myself I was thrilled to find this book in my postbox – feminism! Subverting gender norms! A teenage girl prioritising herself over her boyfriend! A teenage girl gladly eating and putting on extra kilos! So, imagine my surprise when I realised that TS Easton is in fact – shock, horror-  MALE! Gasp! Regardless, this is an excellent and inspiring feminist story of perseverance and determination full of absolute laugh-out-loud moments. Do not be fooled by all the delicate flowery names, Fleur is a brilliantly realistic character with a quirky sense of humour surrounded by some badass feminists in best friend Blossom and hardcore Bonita.

I would highly recommend this to any teen feminists with a sense of humour, you will laugh, you will cry and you will wonder how one girl can endure eating so much biltong.

Book Cover - Girls Can’t Hit
Publication Date
April 2017
Age range