Max & Chaffy: Welcome to Animal Island

This zany graphic novel, full of funny characters and lively adventures, follows Max on an adventure to Animal Island where there are lots of new and exciting friends to meet. As Max journeys through the island, trying to find his new friend Chaffy a place to belong, a lovely friendship grows between the two. Max and Chaffy also meet many unusual characters along the way.

There is lots to keep younger readers interested in this graphic novel. The simple style of the illustrations along with the bold colours work really well in tandem with a quirky and fun sense of humour throughout. Readers will also be excited to discover that there are nice interactive elements such as puzzles and treasure maps dotted throughout the pages.

Early age readers will be delighted to meet Max and Chaffy, and to journey with them around Animal Island. The simplicity of this novel will be very appealing to readers up to the age of 7.

Book Cover - Max & Chaffy - Welcome to Animal Island
Publication Date
May 2023