My Dad is a Grizzly Bear

What happens when you have a grizzly bear for a dad? You get lots of furry scritches, wet sloppy kisses and never have enough honey to eat – but you do get the biggest and the warmest bear hugs to make up for that. The young narrator in Haddow and Adeola’s picturebook has quite an interesting life with a grizzly bear dad who catches fish with his teeth, runs faster than a bus, climbs tall trees and has the loudest growls.

Haddow’s words and Adeola’s illustration infuse life into the wild imagination of a kid. The narrator draws the readers into his world for a perfect read-aloud story time for children. Childlike innocence bursts forth from the pages as the young narrator picks out instances from his life to show the readers why his dad is really a grizzly bear. The vivid illustrations make each of the characters come to life within the short tale, ensuring an immersive experience. Adeola’s illustrations are detailed and vibrant, offering visual details for children and grown-ups to spot and talk about.

Through this hilarious and witty tale, Haddow and Adeola take the everyday phenomenon of children building up an imaginary world around them, to send a universal message of love and the importance of family

Book Cover - My Dad is a Grizzly Bear
Publication Date
April 2021
Age range