Beatrix and her Bunnies: The Story of Beatrix Potter

For many generations of readers, Beatrix Potter is a household name. Her tales of Peter Rabbit are loved by young and old, but how did this little rabbit hop onto her pages? This beautifully illustrated picturebook tells the story of a lonely girl who found joy and company in the animals that surrounded her for her entire life, and how she grew into the celebrated author we know and love today.

Colby introduces us to the bunnies who inspired Beatrix Potter and her words blend perfectly with Bonne-Miller’s beautiful illustrations that pay homage to Potter’s own books. The colourful pages bring the reader on a journey that explores nature, grief, creativity, perseverance and happiness in a beloved historical figure’s life.

An inspirational read for anyone who has ever felt a little alone or has felt like giving up on a dream. Although this book is aimed at younger readers, it is filled with lessons that can be helpful for everyone. This story should be shared with anyone who loves nature, animals, Beatrix Potter or just wants to learn more about a fascinating female author who brought so much joy to the world. This picturebook is a source of joy and, like her bunnies, proves that Beatrix Potter still inspires joy in today’s readers.

Book Cover - Beatrix and her Bunnies: The Story of Beatrix Potter
Publication Date
March 2021