The Day My Family Disappeared

From Jo Simmons, the bestselling author of I Swapped My Brother on the Internet, comes The Day My Family Disappeared. Bob Bunyon is an incredibly normal boy surrounded by a family full of artists and performers. Bob’s siblings taunt him for not being creative like them. Desperate for a break from his families’ constant showcasing, he wishes that they would all just go away. Much to Bob’s surprise, when he wakes the next morning, the house is completely empty.

At first, Bob thinks that his dream has come true, but his delight is soon replaced with fear and regret. He panics, what if this is permanent? Feeling like the only survivor of a zombie invasion, Bob pulls together all his courage and sets out on the most important journey of his life, Operation Find My Family. 

Following Bob on a survival quest through landscapes and against a variety of farmyard foes, we are presented with a selection of dynamic illustrations by Lee Cosgrove. Told through Bob’s hilarious narrative, his survival journey is filled with antics and mishaps. The Day My Family Disappeared is a survival tale ideal for fans of funny fiction and adventure stories. Bob encourages his readers to be prepared and be brave, it’s The Bob Bunyon Way. Bob is an excellent character for young readers to sympathize with as he illustrates the difficulty and loneliness felt by those who are othered by their siblings. Bob is a successful representation of our own uniqueness and emphasizes the value in developing our own unique skills and talents.

The Day My Family Disappeared - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022