Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

Primarily set in Camelot, England this story brings together the mystical and the modern in its tackling of themes such as familial expectations, public perception, royal legacy, and queer identity.

Cleverly, the novel begins as a stereotypical tale of an arranged political marriage between Gwendolyn, Princess of England and Arthur, a duke. The pair have absolutely nothing in common – apart from hating one another. This is where Croucher’s brilliant subterfuge comes to light, as the plot thickens when it is revealed that they share one more thing in common: they are both queer and closeted. Thus, the true fun begins. Promising to keep one another’s secret, as predicted does not come without complications.

There are many hilarious interactions between Gwen and Art and the stellar cast of side characters; Sid, Arthur’s confidante, Agnes, a lady in waiting, the formidable female knight Bridget Leclair and Gabriel, the reluctant future King of England. This ensures that each chapter is as entertaining as the predecessor.

Lex Croucher’s debut young adult novel is crowned a huge success, and much credit needs to be given the writing style. It will have the reader laughing out loud one minute, and in tears the next. The character relationships whether it be familial, platonic, or romantic, they are all treated with a lightness and tenderness that allows the reader to become instantly invested. Gwen and Art are not in Love is the perfect book to read after a long day, and can be finished all in one sitting but will leave a lasting impression.


Book Cover - Gwen and Art Are Not in Love
Publication Date
May 2023