Little Love Lessons: Reflections on Life and Love for you and your Child

How can something so small bring so much wisdom? This is a thought that has occurred to many people when they become a parent, perhaps because no other every-day human experience will teach you so much, so quickly and in ways that you couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

This thought also occurred to me while reading this small book which contains a lot of wisdom in its 32 pages, and which could go some way to helping those who have decided to embark on the journey of raising a child. This is a book rooted in love, but also in the struggles that being a parent can bring. In twelve double-spreads, Krüse gives short snippets of advice about important moments to focus on and treasure. She points to physical affection, finding joy in the little things, enjoying music together, expressing creativity and your feelings, as some of the ways to connect and enhance the relationship you have with your child. These are not exhaustive chapters on parenting, but short, positive vignettes about making connections, and for busy parents, this might work perfectly to give them a boost of confidence or a moment of clarity in all the madness.

Krüse wrote this book as a response to her own experiences of postpartum depression, and although that itself can be a heavy subject, this book is light, joyful and accessible. This is a useful book, a NECESSARY book and one which could be both helpful to new parents and to those who are specifically struggling with PPD.

A quietly brave and important book that should be read by every new parent.

Book Cover - Little Love Lessons
Publication Date
April 2023