Little Red Reading Hood

This contemporary narrative of a classic fairy tale favourite not only gives a new look to the story. It turns it on its head and encourages the reader’s right to enter the tale and make it their own.

Little Red has an overdue library book and it must be returned today! On her way, she encounters her familiar foe, the Big Bad Wolf. The Wolf hurries off with a wicked plan, but Red strays from her path and wanders around in her reading for a bit. Finally arriving at the library, Red remembers how the story always goes and thinks it’s time for a new ending. With help from the bold and brave librarian, they open the Wolf’s eyes and show him he has been limited in his own story. A new ending is created… and they all live happily ever after.

Focusing on the magic of reading and the importance of creative play in stories, this is a joy of a picturebook. The clever rhyming text leads the reader through a colourful landscape of woodland and daydreams. It is alive with rhythm and texture, fun and drama; and places the reader where they belong… in the heart of it all. The detail in the illustrations offers the opportunity to imagine different journeys and a variety of outcomes, not just in this story, but in all books. A truly enchanting book, it will appeal greatly to even the youngest.

Book Cover - Little Red Reading Hood
Publication Date
January 2018