Does it Fart?

Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti have just launched the child-friendly version of their original New York Times bestselling book, Does it Fart? While the original explores the topic in depth (eew!), this version is extremely suited for families and children. Does it Fart? Find Out Which Animals Parp, Toot And Bottom-Burp! gives a brief explanation on how farts are formed and then it invites children to guess which animals fart (or don’t) and why.

Alex G. Griffiths’ illustrations fill this book with even more humour. His work is bright, inviting, loosely stylized and very funny. On the right-hand-side pages a different animal is simply presented and the authors pose the simple question: This is a horse. Does it fart? How about a parrot? A cheetah? Or a dinosaur? Do unicorns fart? The answer is only a page-turn away, giving very satisfying yet simple explanations, hilariously expanded by the illustrations and the even funnier speech bubble comments!

Does it Fart? is a very light and humorous non-fiction picturebook that will keep entertaining and informing children of all ages, you’ll have to see (or smell) for yourself!

Book Cover - Does it Fart?
Publication Date
July 2019