Declan Kirby, GAA Star: European Dreams

European Dreams is the fourth book in the Declan Kirby:GAA Star series. Declan is thrilled to be going to Spain with his team Smithgreen. They will participate in the GAA World Games and play against teams from around the globe. However, the excitement quickly sours when Sam the coach is injured. When an emergency coach is recruited, Declan has to prove himself and keep his place on the team.

The author's passion for GAA is clearly on display again. Egan captures the excitement and frustrations of playing on a team, and describes the action with compelling and believable detail.

There is some great humour in European Dreams too, especially in the banter between the players and some of the situations they find themselves in. As well as showing the importance of male friendship and team camaraderie, European Dreams highlights how essential good coaching is, and the relationship between coaches and their teams.

This is a good option for reluctant readers as it is easy to read and is a short book. Relatable and immersive, it is also a good introduction to anyone encountering GAA culture for the first time.

Declan Kirby GAA Star - European Dreams Cover Image
Publication Date
April 2022