I am Not an Octopus

I am Not a Octopus is a brightly illustrated picturebook that tells a story of facing fears and connecting with one’s true self. The journey to self-acceptance is told through regular tuna-loving guy, Terry (who is most definitely not an octopus and is absolutely not an octopus who is afraid of water!).

Following Terry through the supermarket, the ally and the terrifying sprinklers, it is clear that Terry is conflicted about his fear of water; this certainly could cause bother for an octopus stuck on dry land and who longs to visit Super Octopus Fantasea Adventure World. Luckily, Terry is NOT an octopus.

Boutavant’s illustrations connect Terry to the reader, his eyes very rarely leaving us. Paired with McLaughlin’s conversational style of writing, it makes for an immersive experience for the reader. Terry is speaking directly to us and asking questions, enabling the reader to feel as though we are helping Terry along the way.

If you would like to find out whether Terry is truly a tuna loving regular guy or if he is in fact an octopus with a fear of water, then you to need to dive into a copy of I am Not an Octopus to find out. This picturebook would make for a great solo read, or read aloud tale to captivate a group audience for children.

About the Author
Author Headshot - Eoin McLaughlin
Eoin McLaughlin is a picture book writer whose books include The Hug, illustrated by Polly Dunbar, and Secret Agent Elephant, illustrated by Ross Collins. When he is not writing for children, he works as a copy writer for Channel 4. Born in Ireland, Eoin has lived in Amsterdam and New York, and now lives in London with his wife and their baby. Find him on Twitter as @eoinmclaughlin.
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Book Cover - I am Not an Octopus
Publication Date
February 2022